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Great game guys. I am so addicted to it. Recommended to LoliRock fans, LIKE ME! Music was a great idea. Talia is my favourite. #LoliRockforever Fabulous!

It is a awesome game I love the music so much Good

افتظاهه من میخابگم هیچ کس دانلد نکنه Omg

اعجبني جداً و كل يوم العبها بحماس Good

I loved it! <3 im such a big fan of loli rock so this helped me make an oc!! Go well

Ok so I love the game but can you please make it so that I can save the fashion or at least be able to send it to my photos Muito bom!

طيططططططططططططططططططططططططططططططططط:-) Perfect!

му яєαℓ иαмє ιѕ тαℓια вυт ι'м υѕιиg му мσм'ѕ ρнσиє αи∂ ι ℓσνє тнє ѕнє αи∂ му fανσяιтє ιѕ ¢υяєѕα Flawless

The game was perfect it had everything a great dress game needed and I also loved thegirls especially Carrissa and Lyna Fabulous!

Pretty good



Works great

I love this game my sister is Talia and I'm Aurianna but Iris is to pink when she is a princess Must have

Its perfect just one thing it doesn't look like they r holding their weapons when you add them Omg

I think it is an amazing game! I think every one in the world should try this amazing game ever! Marvelous

I love this game my sisters Talia and I'm Aurianna but Iris is to pink when she is a princess wow lol

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