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OMG this game is literally popular to my account now. I LOVE IT SO MUCH Brilliant

It is very vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv good game . Worth a go!

This game is fun but the music need to stop they need to change the music the clothes are aful and they don't look pretty good to me. Brilliant

The models are setting unreasonable expectations for girls But it is still a fun and easy game to help Recommend

It,s very good game But you have only three models only I think you add more and more style in hair Thank you And I wish you do changed Great!

Its not that good! U know why? Its to short , and all you do is put on makeup, and dress her up! Its supper boring!!! Must have

That it has all kind of style hear on this game and I like It. And gives time to think how I would like to look like when I get order Omg

I love fashion, so I get a lot of fashion games, but I want to be teacher when I grow up. Great job

My granddaughter absolutely love this game. She wishes they were more games like this. Fantastic

The game is amazing. All dresses and makeup categories are open. You must be download the game. Good

Well I love the game a lot! I love the fact the fact that it does not have ANY adds almost. One thing I really want them to fix is the models. They are so skinny. It looks like they never ate before. But over all its awesome. You have to get it NOW. Good

It, s an amazing game . I love it a lot. It does not have more ads also . This is fabulous! Amazing!

I love this game because it is very good game the dresses are pretty and all the things are very good in this game install this game in your mobile ou will enjoy this game 5 star

The game is nice ,I love the game..... But there r no beautiful frocks love it

Its an awesome game with not lots of adds! Its really fun with nice clothes. One thing is the models are stick skinny! Also they need more hair styles but other than that its pretty good!!! Worth it!

It is soooooo good not the adds and I don't like that I love the game tho❤❤ 5 star

I think that you get to expece your fasion style that you like.☺☺ Pretty good

This is such a nice game but I think you ad some more models for your game. And I just want to say add more music there is only one song and it is so boring ad another song people Great job

I like fashion a lot I have a lot of dress up at home I am 10 I wish they had challenges Works perfectly

Very funny game and I liked it so much me sister every time play it I loved it so much please install this game it's so funny loved it Flawless

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