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I really like this game. It is very best. Please download this game faster than faster ..... Works perfectly

L. O. V. E. I. T. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Crisp dusk burrito futuristic widowhood WiFi Woodridge Dugger Suu Llsoap Isle eris ergot rheostat wowing disdain enjoys eked eure who's quite didgeridoo Edgefield wedgies #SHUT-UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go well

This is a very nice game ☺ but there are tooooooo many adds. I'm tired of them and there so many things locked love it

I hate this app but can tell you good result because you can sad but mai chuut nahi Bologna wow lol

It's awesome practice to dress up people and do hair love it p.s. download this games it's awesome Muito bom!

I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it my sis best time pass Brilliant

guys im downloading it now because there is a tie between good and the bad so thats the point im only 10 this mobile was of my brother but on my 10th birthday that was on 10th aug my brother gifted me this micromax lolipop model bye it was a great fun with talking with u people Works perfectly

Great game I love this game but I do have some complaints: 1.far to many adverts, need to be connected to unlock something,3.the girl only wears red lipstick and 4.sometimes it doesn't even let me in the game! If I where you I would install this game but only if I where totally sure. Just wow

It is OK but not very good I am must bore because there are some levels are not be able to unlock. There are only 2-3 levels which are unlock before . I am play the game but bore to play the same levels . pls launch a new version that have unlocked all the levels and not take real money it take game win money. But that is a really OK game not very bad Highly Recommend.

You are mean I love the app but I'm just now downloading it so please people download the game it's my first time playing don't just might be I am only 7 so just listen for once from Taliyah standby Surprisingly

Money hungry U either have to pay to unlock new levels or waste time taking pictures of A LOT of different designs. Muito bom!

Its ok Well its ok because you dont get to do all the things you have the rest locked but its ok buy them Great job

Really? Cmon guys you could do way better. Oh yeah and Sylvia Eva, you shouldn't be giving out your personal information. I mean seriously. Anyway I think you can do better guys. Keep trying. :) Go well

Amazing gme When I played this game it was boring and all that staff but now it does't seem that much now Flawless

Not be enough makeup and hair choices My daughter loves this game but was bored in 5 minutes because there's not enough hair and makeup color choices and styles. Marvelous

I love this game this is much interesting but there is no all shop we're opened so I gave 4 stars Muito bom!

Good game but..... Again I said this about another game made by the same company you need to let me delete the game plz fix my problem?! Highly Recommend.

I liked it I liked it but the games I really want to play I can"t unlocked them so that I really makes me mad Go well

Nice Nice game but I don't understand that first is dress than etc but in makeup only we get reward but a gooooood game Surprisingly

Like it a lot but...... The only thing is that we have to pay for some of the stations but I love the red carpet bit so definitely try it out plz! Great!

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