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It's a cool game but I just don't why they give so little nail polish Brilliant

It's good and great for creating nail art however it's really unfair that when you buy a new colour etc using your coins,You can only use them on that set,and you can't again after. You have to re-buy the colours.. Surprisingly

I think the price of the polishes is to much as 30 bucks it should be like between15-20 Rs at least But otherwise it is something that makes me feel very good while playing this excellent game Works perfectly

It was okay, it could use better graphics, add more stuff like make it like a salon! Perfect

It's a good educational thing to those who want to be fashion Directory or manicure Go well

If you make a mistake you press the undo button but in real life you would rub the surroundings of and you would have to wait until the first layer is dry before you put another layer on Flawless

Girls and boys will learn how to paint tbere nail s and boy that like to paint there nails Perfect!

That was very beautiful game. I liked it. It was a great animation and Avery thing. Worth it!

I think that the game is grea th and you should add more colors and divines and more rings. Flawless

It's a good game but you have to buy everything and when you buy it,the next time you go back it's gone so you spend your gems or jewels or whatever for nothing cause it erases everything Pretty good

I think that all your games are the best ever Just wow

It is very Good game but how can i win money or points to buy a new items can you help me Guys Marvelous

Well it's a great game but wayyy to many ads it's like as soon as you click one thing just one it goes to a ad then you try to click another and guess what there's another ad Awesome

Its ok its really fun but the nail polish you have to pay for and if you haven't played it in a wile you have to buy it agian Muito bom!

Awesome great game before U start judging it try it Fir don't listen to what people think of itst Must have

I liked it and all but to many adds popped up and what is the point about it your just doing the same thing over and over again Good

I love it but it can have a little less adverts and the pictures can have a better angle Recommend

I think that nail art games are awesome HANDSUP to u and this game is really very interesting. Marvelous

According to me "Fashion Nail Art" is game in which we all learn so much about are nails. It's quite interesting. I liked the game very much.. Superb !!!! Flawless

I liked the game but there is an ad everything you switch to something if you can deal with ads then download it Amazing!

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