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I love inly two producer game one is coco and another libbi its a superb game everyone should try it out Muito bom!

It is a nice game but it has a problem that it gets freezed when we take a get free item so please libii game fixe my problem that set Thanks for reading Pretty good

I want Every unlocked but..i wants locked do..That purchase?tell me..that gamer Fabulous!

I love it but why do we always have to get more stars I can't pass to go to the music festival because I don't have enough stars I got 3 stars on every level but the surfing ones please fix that cause I want to get to the music festival please don't let this continue if it does I'll just deleted the app but please fix it Brilliant

اللعبة ممتازة ولكن تجبرني علي تقييم الليفيل لتخطية بمعني اني اذا كان تقييم الليفيل نجمتين وتخطيته ياتي في. ليفيل اخر ويطلب مني ان يكون تقييمي 3 نجوم في كل ليفيل تخطيته Perfect

I think its very fun but i hate when I did not get enough stars then I can't go on the next level so its not all five stars Amazing!

I love this game but in level 8-1 we have to unlock that dresses by money so I can't complete that level and for that I can't go to next level please do something. Worth a go!

This game is legit but they don't give us enough clothes now i can't get stars cause i don't have swimsuits Amazing!

What a kind of game it is is! It is not going anove level 4 And the rest of the game i play it is good but not better Marvelous

It is fun The only thing is, i have already passed level 2-3 and i getb3 stars. But, i still cannot go to the next level, 3-1. When i press the 'icon' of level 3-1, it says 'you have to pass level 2-3 to unlock this level!', as you know, i get 3 stars in level 2-3. Fantastic

The game is nice but hard to get to some levels because you need extra stars and also that everything is closed so I recommend you to downloud this game if you know how to fashion clothe. Works great

It's a good game but still needs some improvements. Firstly collecting all stars is okay but when u see that almost everything is locked then it seems to be impossible to complete the cruise party session ... Highly Recommend.

Its a nice game but I can't unlock the outfits and some stages I need to wear bikini when all the bikinis are locked please fix this, I want to buy the full version but shop isn't working Great!

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM !! In 7-1 we have to get all stars, 3-2 level have to purchase that dress in the prize we will get a necklace we should use it in 4-2 task I have to say that improve this game... MUST! Amazing!

It's an awesome game.... Models are so pretty, but if they can hold their drinks while drinking it would be great.... Thanks for making such wonderful game Awesome

i already finished the game but the end really frustrate me... so where is the part 2?? Great job

This game is cool but is little hard l am in level 4_3 and l' d go to level 5_1 but l can' t because l should be have 33 star but l have 26 star...Help me Just wow

بازی خبی یه ولی مرحل هاش سخته به مرحله ی ۳-۳ میرسی خیلی سخت میشه و همه ی چیز های خوشگلش وا نمیشه مرحله ی ۳-۳قیر قابل برده فقت باید مرحله های قبلش باید سه ستاره باشه اگه سه ستاره نباشه گیر مکنی و دیگه مرحله ی دیگری را نمیشه ادامه داد به ظر من دان نکنین Perfect

I give this game 3 Surprisingly

The game is great but I don't like that we don't get all the clothes and the other things .I think libii must improve a little please because the game is awesome please libii games fox the problem. Works perfectly

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