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Nice game but be aware ull spend ALOT of money everthing costs diamonds from ordering spaces to hanging place for clothing after few buys from the money u make ingame.. U will pay diamonds..its just money money money. But it is a nice game really.. U just you can not expand without paying real money at some point. So be prepared to pay atleast 30-100 usd.. PER BOTIQUE. And u can make diamond ingame.. Just very slow Great!

The game is interesting.. But d issue nw is that I just updated it, and it as not been functioning... And t really consuming my MB, Hope I won't later uninstall it.. Brilliant

How to clean up recycle basket on portfolio practice 4 of 10? I have 3 basket, but nothing happened wit them Works perfectly

I really like this game, there's so many different things that you can do in it. Amazing!

Really addictive but i need help I can't update it can you help me? Anyway,this game is really gorgeous and fun fabulous the dresses are so wonderful frenzoo keep up the good work love it I have so many games in my phone but can this one is my favorite Flawless

Well i like it but can you make it more interesting?because all i do is sell outfits and dresses....and plz make it more fun thank you!:) Recommend

I absolutely love this game. Always something new and interesting to do. The only frustration is the loadi g time when opening the game, it takes up to 8 or 10 minutes to load before I am able to play it. Otherwise, brilliant game. Flawless

Its truly an interesting game but there is a minor problem. .....i just bought "love drop shorts " from Daydream collection dated 24th March. ......but the item is coming under "shoes" category not "shorts"......please do fix it Awesome

I love the game but after the update, it wont start. Running out of patience since it's forever loading at 20% Perfect

So far I'm enjoying the game but I only just started so I can't give my full opinion. Really my only issue is that some of the controls are a bit laggy in the game play. EDIT: After playing some more, I've discovered that timed quests and challenges I need to pay real money for. I do not like that at all. In challenges it seems that the only way I can participate is if I have enough gems to do so and in order to have a sufficient enough amount I would need to purchase them with real money. It's one thing if I don't have enough profits from my store to purchase something so I could make the decision to purchase more using real money (I can respect that) but it is a whole other thing to force someone to buy with real money in order to get to participate in part of the game play. Also, I've now had this glitch twice where I'll order an item of clothing for my store and the timer on them will stop running so I can't stock the product; I end up wasting store profits and space. If these issues get fixed I will give 5 stars but if I see too much more of these problems in the game I'm going to down vote my review to 3 stars. Well done!!

Meh it's alright. Gets boring quick as it slows down after level 5 unless you take part in a challenge. Challenges uses diamonds which you need to purchase as there's no other way to obtain them. And then challenges ask to meet certain criteria but can't use certain items as they are locked as haven't reached a certain level. Pointless challenges if you're only starting out. If you enjoy spending your money on games then this is definitely for you Brilliant

I've love this game. But after my updates, it stop functioning n I can't open my boutique anymore. It says that there is an error. So, please help me check the problem as soon as possible. Tq Awesome

I can't open some of the new features. Even if i unlocked it already, still it's loading. The challenges are also loading. I've reached the higher level of the game but lots of new items are not yet opened. Kindly fix it. Thanks! Worth a go!

Love this game! But now I need help with a Quest: Selfie Snapshot. Cant seem to figure out what it wants? Have tried to take snapshots but didn't work. Help anyone? Recommend

So far I'm enjoying the game but I only just started so I can't give my full opinion. Really my only issue is that some of the controls are a bit laggy in the game play. Fabulous!

I really like the game but the daily challenges and special limited items are not coming recently ......i cheked for update but the page says it up to date!!! Works great

For me its mind blowing game.super addictive and i am at level 13. Hired a new employee and opened a new branch too. It's not only a game it's a business tuiter. I have learned a lot. Patient, utilization of money almost everything. Love the game Well done!!

While playing the game exists automatically . I don't know what's the problem is . Andrew would you plz solve the problem . Its my favourite game . Plz help . Must have

I think it is best fashion game i ever seen but some of the signs i do not understand in it. Enjoy it!

I think it is a great game but it could use some work in some it not telling you what to do and when to do it otherwise it's a great awesome game Amazing!

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