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Game is awesome but the world grafics can use upgrading. And also add snowmobiles and winter time. Just wow

Need more thing and a traler for the pick up truck ot pull tractors,in cab for the dul trucks, i will rate 5 star if you do and worker's Enjoy it!

I really love this game but I wish you could take the tank out of the blue truck and it could pull gooseneck trailers Works great

Should add lights to the tractors n trucks n strobe lights on the tractors n to drive to the city Not bad

The best worlds game, you must download it. Very nice. I have not got any notes. wow lol

over all great game, just one thing about it. there is no way to reset the game. ive uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times. would be great if you add a reset option in the settings. Fabulous!

I think it's good for you need what you really need to do is have some more mods on there sunlight telehandlers and diggers and the front and you can have a forest and you can cut down trees like night you have with the farming usa to and also we got like a tractor Tractor you start with the mower deck that's what you need to add on the number one version because when you don't win on the other one you can do loads of different Bowen but on this fine you can only do 10 and Bowen one mower and it you have to winnsboro it everytime what I would like is a mower where you don't have to windrower it and have to tender it 5 star

I like it I like it but it's hard to buy animals in the truck and I'm trying to buy animals but I doesn't let me Fabulous!

I love this game it is very a addicting game to make this game even better please add multiplayer please. Go well

Good game but There needs to be front end loaders that can be bought. The square baler should be replaced with a round baler, the blue pickup needs an exhaust and needs the tank in the bed removed Awesome

Sue Why can't you make the usa 2 game for android my next response isn't gonna be so nice by the way you better answer back Cool

Can I please have all the money I spent on this back thank you plan on using it for farming USA 2 Great job

It's ok I just looked at farming USA 2 and does it make this game look like a piece of crap. It's kind of good but I'm going to uninstall it and get farming USA 2. Recommend

Please add player/protagonist I would like to see you guys add a character that you can choose of guy/girl other than that I like the game Great job

Please reply to me Mr Bowens I love the game But it really really needs a little lift flat bed chevy crew cab long bed. And a front in loader attachments to move the hay bails. Please at least just do the flat bed chevy. Please please please reply and promise to rate 5 stars. Thank you have a great day Fantastic

Awesome but please add a town and more vehicles add more rigs and add missions like delivering loads with a box trailer and a normal flatbed trailer please and keep making cool games Surprisingly

Workers Why can't we hire workers? I can understand the wanting the players to experience everything manually, but at least 1 or 2 payable workers wouldn't hurt. 5 stars if workers are added... Overall its a great game Just wow

Good game but... Needs a gear shifter instead of the buttons, auto save,make where you can get and sell milk off of cows,a grain trailer for the pickup trucks,make it where you can go inside the house, make it where you can hire someone to work in the fields,and more crops please Perfect

I would like it if u added highways and other farms and mud that u can get stuck in since i payed for the game. But love it so far. Just really wish for mud Brilliant

I really like the game But I think u should add some more fields that u have to buy I found out that you are making a farming USA 2 I just want to say that I was wondering if you can bring the price down to $0.77 because that is all I have left on my Google account pleeeeeeeeeeease Works perfectly

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