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Everytime when you loot something the game spawn a player next to you in the middle of nowhere, just to kill you till you open your inventory screen. Everytime when you're out of energy the game offer you special events in order to buy energy...when you're full of energy nothing. It's great game, but turned out to just regular milking app I believe. Omg

Overall a great survival game. However, it would be nice to have few more game mechanics like more side quests for rewards and reputation, and maybe magic... would be nice (I feel like putting Diablo mechanics will make this game much better). Also, PvP in a form of battle royale. Fantastic

This is very challenging as games go. Not for you if you are easily frustrated. However very cathartic to kill plague touched and demons at the end of the day. Cool

Updates! The game locked potential is still lacking. And the updates are too slow. It won't take long for someone to lost interest and uninstall the game and forget. Amazing!

The game is very good. Tons of fun, and very unique. There are a few things missing, like being able to add friends. Also there are dungeons, but not keys to get into the dungeons. The game is fun, but definitely has some growth to get out of beta. Go well

I actually really like this game, the only issue I have is the leveling system and the energy needed to get to certain places. However I understand it from a gameplay perspective. The only thing I'd change would be adding a way to get more energy through consumables etc Worth it!

Its a great game, love the concept and ive had fun playing it. Some items are a little scarce therefore making the punishment for dying a lot worse, but all in all a great game Good

Decent copy pasta game, pvp is kind off dull, it comes down to who ever has the best gear. Levels dont really matter only to be able to unlock crafting stations/ weapons. If there were skill points to increase hp, str dexterity it would be a whole lot better. Granted it says its still in beta so is subject to change. Pretty good

I was about to give this game a Flying score 5/5 when suddenly it crashed and when i tried to open it, it says "Internal Error, please restart The game" I've restarted it and even Reinstall it but the problem stayed. Please Fix this like you did with LDOE, and it'll be 5 Stars from me Surprisingly

Update didn't work You guys just did an update, to be able to do a fresh restart! Nope didn't work at all! Just disconnect from servers uninstalled game. Then redownloaded it again. And I'm still at my same level with all my gear. Missed the mark on that one guys Just wow

If you liked Last Day on Earth: Survival, then you will like this game as well. Both games have very similar mechanics, but have separate aesthetics. Obviously this is more of a medieval survival game, with not many futuristic items/them. Must have

As a somewhat experienced rpger, I found this game very nice, however, there is plenty of room for improvement. I believe there should be a protection period for beginning players from being attacked by other players, as the mobs are PLENTY difficult enough by themselves. It's best to allow newbies to get a nice grasp on surviving before tossing them to higher level/geared characters. Increasing the amount of skill points players get per level would be ideal,as well. It would also be nice to recover some materials from broken/decayed items. Other than that, the game seems pretty solid. Awesome

Food is really hard to keep in stock. Weapons are a challenge as well. Gear wears out way too fast. Especially gear you buy. Won't buy from cash shop ever again as it's just not worth the money. The game itself is fun and challenging but with how rare crafting items for weapons and clothes are the decay/wear rate is way too fast. Great job

It's very well made. Game physics is really good! But it's frustrating to just leave a player in the middle of nowhere without anything! Please create a step by step tutorial and a step by step quest so that people can follow the quests and understand the game! Muito bom!

I enjoy playing this game! With some additional crafting and improved enemy spawns I believe it would be a solid mobile game I could keep coming back to. However I would like to note, after reading these comments I did not see anyone having the same issues I am with the building. I can not delete an already placed wall, at least not a specific one. Instead another wall/floor that I have not selected gets deleted. This makes adding to my base impossible! Please let me know if this bug is going to be fixed in the near future. Thanks Cool

Just got the latest update and I'm still thoroughly unimpressed, love the concept love the game play, but I'm sick of being set Back Time After Time. I will not pay to proceed in a video game that I downloaded for free! If you want to charge me then charge me for the download initially so that I know that you're greedy! Worth it!

Great game, but the build menu can be improved. I decided to renovate and it kept on destroying the wrong wall because when you click on the destry icon it selects a different item. Works great

Great game. Wish you didn't need energy to run places. I think it should use up your food and water instead Fantastic

It's a great game a few bugs for me here and there but that is expecting in a beta game. If possible can you guys please add charcoal as a resource in the stone area in the next update. It will be very helpful as a fuel source. wow lol

The notification for reaching your destination have stopped coming since your last update. It is highly inconvenient, please look into it. I have checked my settings before writing this. Great game ! Worth a go!

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