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Pls give me some update dev, such caps level become to 100, and upgrade item bcome to +20. Ur fans will gone if FH stuck on last update. Pls consider my suggest . Th for ur attention Works perfectly

Nexus 6p marshmallow won't open. Edit May 2/2016 I wish to edit my review of this game. After reading further in some of the comments, I've gotten the game to work. What I had to do was go into my Settings> Apps>Fantasia Heroes and manually set the Permissions to access my storage, contacts and phone. Then I needed to Force Stop the game. When I restarted, the game I've only played it for a few minutes but so far I like what I see. Well done!!

Not working right I tried it on my tablet then my phone but it keep saying that my Google account does not work, what the hell. I know I have not played it on my tablet for a while but that not the problem. Can you please fix it in the next update? Thank you and I saw the game play so I am still giving it a 5 stars. Worth it!

Great game. My only complaint is the rediculous time it takes to actually start playing the game. I load the game up, get to the start up screen and have to wait 2-3 minutes before it says to tap to start the game. Fix this please. wow lol

Great game and graphics, but I have some connection issues when starting the game.. and I have purchased gems on the game, but it says purchase failed, even though my CC has been charged, please solve the issues, thanks. Fantastic

This app is good and all but It froze my galaxy tab and I had to get a new one so you need to fix this if not I'm sewing you Go well

Tried both versions and this is superior I was quite loyal to zq version and unfairly rated this poorly, have since tried this version and have come to realize this is the better game. Better rates and it isn't p2w. I recommended everyone play this version Cool

I love this game but... It won't start. Still won't start. I really don't want to uninstall it but right now it's just taking up space. Please do something. Perfect!

Easy and enjoying game This game has a good graphic as online game, easy gameplay, collectible heroes and has good BGM too. This game has a great oppurtunity I think. If I not wrong to write the Oppurtinity? Hahha ^^ Pretty good

Crashed open apps Game crashed when open apps.just happened yesterday. Try on both lg g4 and nexus 5 marshmallow . Please help fix it. Try uninstall n factory reset doesnt help Go well

Addicting, entertaining, n fun, but.... Frankly I am gonna say that this game is so much fun, easy, and entertaining...I am excited playing it. But unfortunately I can enjoy this game only via Droid4x(android simulator on pc). I can't start playing on my android (samsung gt-p3100) after log in with facebook, it went blank screen for,...i don't know how to say it,...mmm...forever. Marvelous

It's pay to win basically Graphic is good and all, but the free gem gained from mission is sooo little that basically you must pay for gem to summon or other needs Fabulous!

looks good so far im very new but i hate when these games dont give u a summon early in the game.. when do i get to summon? Flawless

Perfect concept,keep improving this game! This game is really addictive and fun.Everyone must try this game first,you won't be disappointed if you try this game. Works perfectly

Graphics I only see dark my please fix it. I gave you 5 star if you do I actually love the game so please do something. Recommend

After few weeks of playing now I can't log in. It says no response from server select yes to retry and no to close the game Awesome

Great Game So far everything seems good. Graphics and the BGM is catchy. Will update my rating once I get a hang of things. Perfect!

games in cool super 3D graphics no wonder it takes some time to download... but its worth it... so good so far :) Omg

5 stars Great game. Would be better if they have freebies for new users. Nonetheless, I'm having fun. Just wow

Good game, crashes too much The game is fun, the graphics are great, but it crashes all the time. To make matters worse, you have a limited number of keys, which you need to do dungeons and whatnot, and if you're in a dungeon when it crashes you lose the fight and you don't get back your keys. So, basically you can't progress into the game when it's going through it's abundance of crash phases. Would be a five, but the irritation and the fact that you start losing interest after you've wasted all your keys for nothing makes it a 3. Great!

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