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I never recieve notifications for anything and I have all notifications checked. When I switch to a different wall and send out invites, they don't go to the wall I'm in. They get invitations to random boards. Now, I go to the text message and click on the link to make sure it's the right one before I send it. This has become a personal issue because I invited my daughter to a wall just for her family and she got the wrong invitation several times so she said she didn't want to be on it and don't send her anymore invites. When I invited people and they went to the wrong group they made comments that I cannot delete. I also cannot delete from the timeline that they joined or commented. I went to the Help menu. The help that it gives doesn't even exist for this problem. I really, really like this app. I've used it for quite a while now and it is an amazing app. The only reason why I'm not giving this app 2* is because I do really like the app when it works right and I can actually enjoy it with my family and friends.But these bugs are starting to get on my nerves because I'm afraid to send anyone emails because they might get a link to a wall that I really don't want them to be on. I have to go delete them, but the notification on the wall that says that they joined stays there. The people that I share the walls with get nervous because they think the other person or people can actually see their pictures so they don't want to use it anymore. Must have

I'm loving this app and mainly wanted it for the location services to know when my son gets to and from home and school. For some reason, I either never get them or they come very late. :( . I've looked at all the settings and can't figure out why. Despite that, I'm loving the app! Good

We pay for the premium version. Video playback is shocking (takes forever to download and doesn't cache properly). There's a 50 comment/reply option on post, it doesn't tell you this anywhere, the option to reply just goes away, very annoying. Superb!

It's a good app mainly because of the ease of its interface. Additionally, the members of my circles are immediately notified when I've added something to the calendar, which I mainly use. One thing I might suggest is to give permission to Family Wall to add those events to Google Calendar. I'm using another app that accesses Google Calendar and I'm sad that the events I've already made on Family Wall do not appear there. Hope you can make this change! Go well

It's good but its quite lacking... especially considering that u have to pay a monthly subscription for video sharing....just ain't right Recommend

I'm loving this app with so many ppl in our family and trying to keep up with conflicting schedules this is a godsend. Enjoy it!

Very good communications platform for groups/families. It definitely has a lot of potential! I've noticed the mapping/location notifications & map updates appear to be very intermittent; sometimes I get family arrivals/departures, sometimes I don't, and the same for them with mine. And when we do get them, it's often 20-40 minutes after the fact. While the app is being updated with purpose, the website seems to be languishing; not seeing some of the same functionality/tweaking there (not able to see comments on tasks, for example.) Also, when messaging back and forth, the replies don't just get delivered as they would a text message; you have to click the message button (on the website at least) to call the server to push the replies out. Small annoyance, but worth a mention. I'd like to a files section with some Google Drive/DropBox type integration for accessing important files, and the ability to create conversation threads (like tasks) that can be maintained and archived when finished, for those intermittent but ongoing discussions about the same subjects that can occur in groups/families from time to time (vacation planning, budgeting plans, etc.) Great!

I like the app but I'm no longer getting notifications of new posts. I only get them when someone comments on a post. Cool

So far so good. Family of 4 able to make good use of it. Premium version per month a bit steep per Circle (Especially in South Africa), so needs consideration if it is valuable enough for pure family usage. Perhaps regional effective cost should be looked into by the company to get greater buy-in from poorer regions. For South Africa for instance, USD 4.11 per month would be a reasonable investment for an average family. Awesome

It's a fun app, easy to use. A great way to share, interact and communicate with family. I love it, way better than a texting app much more easier to use. Recommend

I downloaded this app tonight. Its the best family app i have ever seen! No question about it. That probably is largely because I have never seen one before. I never thought i would need one but now that ive seen what this app is all about, how versatile and user friendly it can be.... I am now absolutely positive that i don't need a family app because im the last living member of my family as well as being single with zero children and few friends left that i can trust enough to give my phone # to.... let alone have access to my gps location. Thanks anyway family & co. You did good with the app but its of no use to this loser. When you figure out the connectivity issue in heaven, hmu so i can talk to mom, same thing for hell cuz the rest went there fosho! Also, for anyone who reads this, im 42 and ive put myself back on the market for adoption. Pefereably to a young lesbian/nudist couple. Thanks for reading! Well done!!

Took a little bit to get set up for my daughter and our family, but going to be a great addition!! Surprisingly

I downloaded and tried about 8 different family style management apps and this was the best. Simple, slick, fast. Wife compatible :) Update 12/29/2017: Still loving this app. It's become indispensable for our family. Would like to see Alexa skill integration of the todo lists and calendar. Superb!

It's like a personal Family Facebook, but way better. Grocery lists, Central contact repository, chat, calendar, reminders, photos, location finder, and much more that only those who are allowed to join (i.e. your family members) can use and see to organize your family's fun and business. Kudos to the developers for focusing on families. Keep the enhancements coming. Highly recommended! ***** A+ Not bad

Great app we use it for the grocery list, you can't forget what you need anymore , because you have your cell right next to you to add to the list. Well done!!

Great way for me to communicate with my family members that live close-by and in different states. This is important to me because I'm from New Orleans and after Hurricane Katrina I have family and friends scattered everywhere. I can share things with them and not the entire world as I would have to with other apps. I really love this!!! Enjoy it!

Very good app with most full feature to share repeat event or task to many people. Fantastic

Cool app. Fun and great way to share photos. Free video would be great, but no complaints. wow lol

Was great until yesterday. Now it won't open and says may not be optimised for my device. 5 star

I would Give it 5 stars if the events were in chronological order. That would make sense. It's confusing to see events are in order of the latest entry but not in order per date. Fix this and it would be perfect Worth a go!

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