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Addicting but can't play using wifi I absolutely love this game. It's fun and extremely addicting, but do have a couple of issues. First, I can not play when connected to wifi. It tells me unable to connect to server. If I had unlimited data it would be no problem. Secondly, when I give an answer it's not one, but then when the answers are shown my answer is one listed as correct. Sometimes my answers are wrong because it's not specific enough or not the exact word for example mom is wrong but mommy is correct.

Good but finicky answers I really like this game, but sometimes I say answers that the game says are wrong or I get zero for in the fast money round that I think I should have gotten. For example (this really happened) it said "Name someone in the US that has more power than Oprah" I said "the President" and it said it was wrong but the number one answer was Barack Obama. Or just now it said "name something people know about skunks" I said "smelly" it said no but the top answer was "smell"...

Fun but.. I love playing the game but the survey answers seems a little outdated and for some reason it auto corrects my answers some times to a completely different answer than I sent.

Love the game, but would like to be able to choose who I play with. I see my friends but can't pick them as opponents, why?? Game is called Family Feud&"Friends" Please update to allow people to choose who they play. Nothing like having bragging rites with your friends. Then game would be 5, stars

Good but Surveys are Outdated I enjoy this game but feel the surveys we're either taken in the 90s or the early 2000s. Don't try to answer anything in relation to our current realities.

Great game! Wish you got mor free coins to play without having to buy them or download so many new apps to get them.

Great Game!! Only problem I have is that some answers need to be a bit too specific, for example (this didn't actually happen), you don't get the answer for saying room instead of the actual answer bedroom

Fun and close to the real thing. The game has a lot of various questions. Some are more difficult than others but it covers every topic. You even compare rounds to other online players and battle to make it to fast money. With fast money, you can attempt to make it to 200 or more by yourself or by sending requests to friends. It does take coins (2 for each game and 1 for fast money if you don't beat the other player in the first 3 rounds) which you can add with your card or sign on daily to spin for free coins.

Fun but outdated I know I am only a teen and this came out awhile ago but it should be updated. And it's very hard to type on the game. Many things that are synonymous with the answer are declared as wrong which is not fair.

Love it but needs a fix I absolutely love playing this game and have for years. Very frustrating now to get notifications that you err asked to help complete a fast money round but it doesn't show up.

Fix if you can Why my game does not do its daily challenges anymore I always challenge someone but when the time has ran out for the day it does not post who won or lost

Mpoints HELP Why can't I collect my MPoints anymore??? Really enjoy this game but miss being able to get my points. It keeps saying unable to reach at this time but my other MPoint apps are working fine. Help!!

Has issues! A lot of times I don't get my daily spins! When I send my fast money rounds to my friends they don't get them and I don't get theirs. Fix your MPoints! Cool

Hard to type answers I love the game. It's lots of fun. The only problem is that its hard to type in the answers because of the keyboard. It's like it slows the typing way down because you have to press hard on the letters. Takes up your time. Worth a go!

Family Feud I actually love playing this game but if you go to bonus round, it sucks that it doesn't tell you the #1 answers! Not even during the game on each round!! And if you want to play against someone and none of your friends are available, it should give the option to play against the computer.If those things were allowed or taken care of the game would definitely get 5 stars. K. Jackson 3/30/15 Amazing!

Its ok Wish it would read the questions it takes a lot of time especially during fast money to stop and read the question if it was not for that I would give it to 5 Perfect!

good entertainment Mostly fun but the keyboard isn't easy to use because it skips letters typed a lot. It also misses similar answers quite a bit. Other than that graphics and sounds are good. I don't play often because I don't buy coins. Earning and playing 2 at a crack doesn't leave much. Omg

Brings back fond memories of watching the show with my family :. Perfect

Love this game thanks for making this awesome fun game. Surprisingly

Easy game to play and good for killing time. Amazing!

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