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I really love this app to get free Instagram followers. But sometimes the app is always laggy and keeps buffering every time I open the app. It also keeps loading non stop every time I refresh the page. Can you please fix this fast please? I fully appreciate it. wow lol

In short, it does exactly what it says it will, but you have to "work" for it. Essentially what the app does is prompt you to either earn or purchase coins. These coins can then be used towards placing an "order" for followers and/or likes on a specific post of your choosing. To earn them, you can watch short videos, like posts, or follow people - all directly through the app. Sometimes these likes or follows can result in a follow or like back by the person, but in most cases this does not happen. However, while going through and earning these coins, I was paying very close attention to the number of coins the prompt stated each action and how much the number of coins the app said I had after completing the prompt went up. Of the coins offered in the prompts, only about 1/2 of them actually go to your account. This is an issue worth addressing, and one that I feel represents the app poorly for what it is. Surprisingly

Usually I don't like to right long reviews but I REALLY LOVE this App the only thing that's bad is that you have to wait like 15 sec. Or 10 min after you like 3 post that part is a waist of time and if you want comments they make NO scents to your post I'm a girl but the comments say "your a smart boy" but other than that I love it and I use to have 64 followers now I have 200!!!!!! It's very useful wow lol

Its an awesome app! I didn't think it was going to work but it did! But after awhile it started to get weird I didn't even buy any of the things and I randomly got like 50 followers and then it would not stop! And I got random likes on all of my pictures and I didn't do anything! By tomorrow I'm gonna have like 1,000 followers. Some people might think that's cool but I'm starting to get weirded out Works perfectly

Good app, I waited 30 seconds for "20" likes but you actually get way more than that. They say you have to pay you don't, you can follow people for free coins and then get free followers so it's a good app Great!

It is great and works really well never seen a better app for getting those instagram followers My friends Rachel and Hannah use this app and recommend it to me. I absolutely love it and I would totally recommended it to others desperate for followers Surprisingly

It actually works! I tried many apps but this is the only one that works. Everyday, I get coins but sometimes it restarts to day 1:( I still get the coins I can also watch videos for 5 coins. I really get the followers or likes after that. Thank you! Cool

Not bad. Especially since it's the only one left that works. Only thing is I can't open ig app when I'm logged in on this app. It's slightly annoying. But it works. Went from 49 followers to 80 in 3 min. Perfect!

Real people , real followers, real likes. Really sceptical at first though. Kinda slow. Update: this app also follows people and likes random pictures without your knowledge. Doesn't always give you the right amount of coins for things either. Works great

This is a really good app, lol like some unfollow u after but not all... It's easy all you gotta do is like other people's photos and follow them to get coins to earn more followers Brilliant

It's amazing so far. I didn't get five followers but I got the 20 likes promised to me differently keeping this app Works perfectly

I love this app it works perfectly. Really it does. But where did the followers come from. I mean. Are they fake or another spam acc. This app is great. Really it is. But my question is.. where did the followers came from??? Great job

Used this on my joke account. Started with the 5 free followers and ended up gaining like 50. If youre bored as hell tbis is fun Worth a go!

Rate for the coins mainly, but may I just say this is a great app and get likes straight away... Also if you don't want to buy likes they let you earn coins for likes which is also very easy Marvelous

Changing from 5stars to 1star as I am experiencing horrible experience with it after 2days of using it.... whenever I m trying to collect coins it is delaying counting backwards for 10minutes and I am not gaining a single coin Perfect

Useful it's real people I went from 83 to 93 real quick lmao. Welp. It confusing so if u are like me and have to figure shit out urself than get this wow lol

It says you can add 5 for free but i originally had 50 and when i came back from breakfast I had 100! I really like it. Recommend

Worked for two days but now I only get a white screen. Then it got foxed. It's ok. You'd have to be in your phone close to 24/7 to make some real progress. The followers also don't stay. Diana_cubana Ta Fantastic

LOVE IT! this app is really good. It's really easy gaining followers here. Im so suprised thay this works. This is no joke. Im sure, u can like it same like me :) Omg

its good, but 5 minutes after using it the app kind of forces you to either downloading possible viruses, or paying. also when clicking the coin buttons with following or liking the coins arent adding up and you have to wait 10 minutes again. Highly Recommend.

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