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I love it BC I pranked everuone at after school it was my bf and they took my phone away lol then they got in trouble for taking a device for no reason Awesome

This app is really cool! I pranked my little brother with the police, and he actually thought the police were coming and that I got arrested! I also pranked my dad with the boyfriend option and he yelled at me because he doesn't want me to date anybody and I pranked my mom with the mom option; and she was so confused. I love this app! Perfect!

Best prank call app i have ever had in my whole apps. Thank you GameAndro, you are the best prank app creator I know. Enjoy it!

I love this because I scare my whole family but I hate also because it have lot of add Not bad

Amazing I fooled everyone really nice app loved it U can add voice like u r actually speaking to him d best app highly recommend Go well

I love this app and so useful and makes my life entertaining! I would consider downloading it once at least. Perfect!

Dude! This game is OUT OF THE WORLD COOL! I love it, because one time, I used it, well.. I don't have a boyfriend because I'm not allowed to, I pranked my mom and dad and they scolded me because they thought I had a BF, but I was just laughing the whole time... FUN! LOVE IT! Enjoy it!

i liked it i pranked my bother almost 50 times and he keeps falling for it it was so funny, Awesome

It was so much fun I love this type of game its like a real thing. I set it like 5 sencond of calling and I went to my friends house they were surprised because my phone can not call I dont have a sim card thats all I use it to make my friends jealous I love it Amazing!

Bro this app is so funny and Cool if your trynna scare the lights outta somebody Must have

Hilarious. I pranked my brothers saying that Niall Horan was phoning me. They laughed when he wasn't saying anything.(You can put voices on there but I could not be bothered. Well done!!

Really nice to like prank my friends with it and stuff not the kind of app where I delete right away, because it will actually do the call, but doesn't always use the voice wow lol

I think this is an amazing app it teaches my 11 year old daughter to drive it it way easier 5 star

Now this thing is so awsome I tried it some many times and it works on the same people I really hope that you guys make a n other one.please please please make another one you are awsome . Thank you so much. I am writing so much right nkw, I think that I have an indication. Now time for a lot of emotional emogis. wow lol

I think it is fun and clever and I really like it! Also I fooled a random person in the park because I did the unknown with a creepy voice and they thought that I actually had some kind of stocker so. They reaction on there face was awesome ! Muito bom!

Great just alot of adds I also get out of homework with this for a while I'll keep on that phone for a while I'll get out of homework it's fun so I gave it a 4-star rating just because all the ads and all that stuff Highly Recommend.

This is amazing, I manage tonprabk my friend about hus mom calling and he keeps on going for about 10 seconds. One of the best prank apps Great!

I.LOVE.IT. It's really fun I just pranked my friends and the looks on their faces were priceless! This definitely deserves 5 stars. Flawless

Excellent app to stop those conversations you don't want to be in also is a good excuse to get out of awkward situations or people you don't want to be with. Surprisingly

App is ok. However it would be nice to have a variety of pictures especially when you are of another ethnicity. So if you would so kindly add a few pictures of blacks it would be great. I can't have a white mom calling me. LOL Amazing!

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