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I'm Wasima Bashrat Chaity ,and it's my favorite factbook. Pls don't try to copy it's my phone,and my name Wasima Bashrat Chaity .

Needs high resolution support Useful app, little out of date, would be better if used multiple sources not only CIA data

Great! But... It is out of date. Not grossly out of date, just a little behind. This is expected, though, considering that the CIA updates the factbook on a regular basis.

Good Only just installed, but I enjoy learning geography, so will spend a lot of time on this app. Just one thing though - would like to be able to change units, so I can see distances in miles instead of km.

good but Great but this software require update every week bcoz lot of development and changing happening in countries everday. If u dont update it weekly then this software becomes useless. Plz consider thiss

near! finally a good looking app with country Ranking! thank u very much, just keep it please up to date, and a non full screen. option will best.

needs to be updated data available in this app are few and need to be updated updates will be appreciated .

Good app with some useful info Really good for a free app and has helped add some context to my travels around asia. The factbook its based on is getting a little old so an update would be appreciated.

Awesome App I love learning about other countries, and this app is great in helping me do so. Love the interface. Def recommended to thoes who r into geography.

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