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I think this is a fab app we do many things by using this app . It is really a fun app Superb!

I just love to make collages with this app. And add on stickers as well as text. It works great and results are awesome! Also easy to use! Just wow

I think I'll think about who I'm writing too for a few years. What ethnicity is the name Google anyway?? Cool

It is oky but it shows that it can filter but on my it dont want to filter but everway it is cool that it can blur and do al short of things Just wow

I try out lots of photo apps and this app has quickly moved into my top 5 favorites. The only bad downside is that I cannot stop having fun with it. So if you can develop an app to take care of my kids, cook dinner and clean my house I would appreciate being notified asap!! Fabulous!

It's the best thing ever everone needs to get it and even better it's free I love it Recommend

I truly thought it was special at the things it allows you to do almost like special effects! Thank you Recommend

I looove this app. Its the best Marvelous

This game is AMAZING!!! I love it! It may have some adds, but I don't care. THIS. GAME. IS.AWSOME. Works perfectly

I think it was good and I like the different faces and how you get to type something....,........ Fabulous!

It's fun and i love using it but there are a couple of things that I think could be better Works great

I love it It's awesome. Some features are not compatible with some devices ,so please try to accommodate every device Worth a go!

It's fun to use and after abit of trial and error it is super easy to understand Great job

It's a rlly good photo app. U may think it's just stickers that u have to fit but actually its kinda another version of snap chat but it's not social media, that's all . 5 star

It is a good app. Must download. And Earnest Mondie it works. Maybe it is not working on your device. Amazing!

I like it a lot, sometimes is too slowly but no so often, but it has great effects. Cool

This app is way better than any other app I could find... This is an amazing app... There is just a few things that need to be sorted out otherwise it's like the best camera app eva Must have

I love the choices on here, just wish you could change the backgrounds and change your eye color and hair. But I really do love this app. Awesome

It has everything anyone could ever need!!!! The filters are my favorite! Muahhh! Fantastic

Nice app very useful but It can't be linked with google but It's an enjoying app I like to use this Highly Recommend.

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