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Its so amazing but i want like some music added to it ☺☺ Enjoy it!

I think it is really fun that way it does not tell people are you are like Snapchat Marvelous

I will only say few words about it love it

AMAZING!! Marvelous

I is one of the best apps I have had in a long time it is a great way to get friends and family to make funny faces and look forward to seeing their own photo Great!

This app is really good but u should put more filters in the app..... But other than that it is very cool to use... Thank you for this amazing app u have created for the world Great job

It's really good it's basically snapchat but without the video calling and texting you should really download it Fantastic

You guys are the best keeping making apps like this stupid you guys got to try it next month thinks it's real funny and I love you guys so keep up so yeah guys never stop making funny face video please never ever stop making funny face videos and photos photos Worth it!

Its very good but it needs to be updated and let the app to be able to have and text on the actual pictures. I also like that its live! also needs more filters definitely!!! I mean the dog tounge Dosent even come out......? Well i mean looking through the comments i don't think it works for allot of people!! So u definitely recommend sorting that out for definite! This app quality is very good and i just wish if these errors can be solved but appart from that this is a very good app!! Must have

It is good but if I was you not get it Highly Recommend.

Get it. I dare ya! You can make edit vids! Need proof? I'll give you proof! Install it and you shall see! Great!

I sooo love it haha.. Its so much fun and don't gotta have an account ha.. Much loveee. Highly Recommend.

This is a really fun app! Most of the face filters I've come across need permissions like identity and location. I would definitely recommend it! Brilliant

This app is GREAT I just wish that the dog filters had tongues but other than that it is perfect and it takes great pictures Muito bom!

Really good but picture quality could be improved and the app in itself could work a bit faster. Muito bom!

This app is amazing. I love the different filters but it would be even better if there were more filters that are animated. Like the ice cream and the underwater scene Perfect

Man oh man I love this app! I love the filters. Maybe get a few more on the next update. Works great

Its very good but it needs to be updated and let the app to be able to have videos and text i also like that its live! also needs more filters Fabulous!

I love this app sooo much I couldn't even tell you so this is the right emoji for my words!! Muito bom!

I think it's a pretty good app. If you're trying to edit photos rather than have filters, this isn't the right app. But it's still a good app. Go well

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