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Need to fix this problem Ive used this app many times before and it works great but recently it wont let me get passed the initial stage of choosing a pic and color background. Everytime I press the 'instasize' button it sends me to an ad and when I cancel the ad it sends me back to where I started. Please fix this. Just wow

Wtf!!! I've used this app for a couple years now and an add always pops up when I use insta gram as I'm insta sizing my pic to post it, we'll now I can't even post pics...wth!! a Honda ad pops up when I click always has but I usually just exit out and than it loads my picture, now it doesn't load the picture.. the ad just keeps popping up when I try tonpost, please fix this than I'll give 5 stars , in used to recommend this to people, right now I'm not sure about it Great job

If you could adjust the amount used on filters and add more it would be perfect but it's really no different than instasize Marvelous

i love the new updated about croping,adjusting and filter.but i still need those border.that is why i install this app.make it fast.thanks Highly Recommend.

Almost 5 stars This is a good app, however, the only problem I've had with it is that it can't upload the photos with faces in them, but a quote or a background can. Please fix. Just wow

What!! I downloaded for Instagram now there's no more instasize, useless to me my new phone don't need it anymore anyways delete Just wow

I can't save pictures When I try to save my pics it says that it doesn't have access to my photo storage..what am I suppose to do?

If it only would work right 100% of the time More and more often I can't even get past the first step, clicking instasize, it just freezes. Can't even click on purchase. :( Love the app, hate the inconsistencies.

Good but needs work Use to work really well and easily but all of a sudden I can't get past the stage to take the picture to instragram because adverts constantly pop up! Annoying fix it. Perfect

Backgrounds I really enjoy the app. Iced had for over a year if not 2... Works really well for full size picture on Instagram, but won't let me change the Background other than white and black? And it's been crashing a lot more lately.... Probably MY favorite app. Amazing!

Ads. I really like this app because it allows for you to upload a full pictures to Instagram...and I understand that free apps are going to have ads, but everytime I click on instasize, an ad pops up, but it never sends me to Instagram to upload. Muito bom!

InstaSize Fail I love this app but it fails me so many times. Sometimes I have to keep pressing that one button you have to, to instasize it over 20 times before it actually works. Worth it!

Great So useful, makes photos fit with instagram completely without cropping out the good part Just wow

Issues please fix. Wont let me go past changing the background to white or black. I have metro pcs, lg f6 Fantastic

Does the job super well I love this app, it's the best app for sharing photos out there. Only problem is it keeps crashing? It used to work great but now idk what went wrong with it. Cool

"No Instasize fail, noooo!!" Aws I usually love Instasize for Instagram and today when Im feeling photo artsy, it fails me :( Please Instafix the ads to stop freezing the next step to photo finish, this annoyance is stunting my creative mind right now. My stars are because I did like it... Was one of my favorite apps, make it be again :-) Great!

Love it Love it when it works. Yesterday it kept going to ads when I'd click instasize and it wouldn't upload Surprisingly

Good stuff man.! so glad you made this available due to the tech diffs on the updated version. Love this. (:. Recommend to download InstaSize Legacy APK.

So far...! ...I'm loving this app. Job well done to the developers of this app. BTW, I'm using a Galaxy Tab 3. Can you guys somehow make the app compatible to tablets? Hope to give this app a higher rating next time.. Recommend to get InstaSize Legacy APK.

#photo-editing Just Better! The image processing is much better on this version. The newer one cannot produce as clear of picture on my G Pro yet.

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