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Not worth it Looks so fake. Pupils are extremely big. Cant change density of color. Dont bother with this app. Worth it!

Fab Great fun, using old halloween pics of the kids i made their eyes look creepy lol :-D

Great app perfect tool!! This app really gives you good control over getting the eye just right my only problem is thatvit flips your pic. Upside down when loaded from gallery but thats a easy fix! ♡ it

Its fine Everything is fine with the app and all but the only part I didn't like was the picture kept clipping upside down.

A bit unrealistic. And a lot of adds (mostly about stupid game of war) But i am not giving 1 star because I know you worked hard and in general the app is pretty good. Better than the other apps. But change your cover picture because it does not make your eyes rainbow.But good job!

Love it It works fine looks real just need to keep the colors the same and BAMM its perfect Not bad

awsome but if u could get rid of the ads that will be highly appreciated....although i still luv this app Just wow

Good app Too many ads tho. I like the concept of it out all and it's very simple, no having to figure out the how to's. Outcome color is really good. Wish I could post a before and after. very realistic outcome. Recommend

Nice app I love this app very awesome. Like omgoshh! Omg i really really like this app super amazing so i rate this app. Flawless

Average! Its ok but u cant save the images of ur changed eye colours pic after the transformation. Recommend to install Eye Color Booth APK.

#media-player Eye color booth! This is the best eye color booth I have ever used! I defiantly recommend this app for people who want a high quality app that changes eye colors realistically.

Works the best! Compared to other eye colour editing apps, this is the best one. The others are horrible

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