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It's a mega drift game in our country but u want to add too many cars and there's too many adds Get rid of the adds Recommend

Is cool and fun.I'm ready for more features and more cars from this version.I recommend everyone to download this game.This game make me 20% cooler. Go well

It's fun. BUT, when it comes to the free dollars I keep completing action's til it said you can refresh them to the original ones but it won't work. love it

Love this girl I am a girl but its a good game thankyou lab cave thank you so much please like this direct all games i am proud of your people thankyou so much and please people do not say them that there games are not so cool you now its very difficult to direct games..... Pretty good

Pretty Good I like the game,... But I've been playing it for a couple weeks now,... And not one update yet,... Every 6 to 7 races I have to reboot my phone because the controls lock up the car just goes straight no matter how much I move my phone,.... Please fix!!!! Good

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