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I love it but why did you cut out the Island Perfect!

I'm speechless cuz this game is freakin awesome xoxo can you make another game like city life Please thank you so much mdickies love you Well done!!

Definitely the best of the series, developer isn't open enough to ideas making the games a bit boring, other than that good. Brilliant

The game was awesome but.... You should add multiplayer because after awhile once you beat everything it gets kinda boring so you should add Multiplayer. Just a suggestion Omg

This game is good and has potential but my hunger goes down extremely fast that I always die from starvation or by somehow getting my head popped off as a zombie by a tough guy that powerbombs me which to me makes no sense and also the game has so much talking in it its like im a celebrity in the game even if i click as fast as I can there are still to many people talking at once its insane and its frustrating but I like the guns and the satisfaction of being able to pop zombies heads off by headshoting them with revolvers and I loved the chainsaws way of working and cutting through people and zombies so easily and I like the little Stranger Things characters too and the Ghostbusters a few things I would like you to add is 1 more secret rare weapon a diffrent type of zombie like a tank or a runner and please fix the whole starvation problem dude but still loved the game its the best one so far keep up the good work! Recommend

I think it has a great gameplay I just think there should be like goal or something. Marvelous

Hey MCDICKIE games It was really an awesome Interactive time pass game, but I only had one issue that was of controls. Can you make it more simpler just like the one in Hard time and with some little improvement to that type of control would really help me and my friends who are playing this game. Hope you understand and release a update on more easier controls because half the time I don't understand which button to press and how to interact or attack with each other's. Otherwise, an amazing game , hope you understand. Perfect!

Mdickie I absolutely love your games and keep improving this one because it is so good and I just love it and you a true gamer and I will feature this on my channel to help you if I can thank you. Keep up the great work Must have

Best game .but 1 the big problem is Can't edit the player For edit player it tell us for update but the update amount is so larg Please thank about it love it

Congratulations mdickie for this game but can you update you a 3d game for zombies please Worth a go!

Great game! But why does all of your games cost Brilliant

It to hard propel killed me for no reason and couldn't find a single car to drive Highly Recommend.

Well kinda good experience and I tested your new game so now you are safe to update it wow lol

I like MDicky games because interesting I hope you can create new games good luck Fantastic

And make life simMdicke can you make a about pacific rim 2 game please and make life sim Amazing!

To all people who think dev just made another wrecked: It's a Spin-off which means basically it is indeed supposed to be like wrecked but with some changes. People are giving 4 star ratings by saying "This is same as wrecked this is getting boring do something new". Brilliant

U should make the you testament mobile plz I will donate if need (plz read this) Perfect

Love how you keep updating the game to seperate it from its predecessors. Likes: Gameplay feels immersive, love the flow of new weapons, love the clothing styles. Dislikes: Inability to move when a chatbox pops up: Why do I have to be the only one to stop moving when someone is talking. And what makes it worse, i can get my weapons stolen by the AI when frozen, which is extremely annoying. Way too much food consumption to have a good time in the game: I mean we as humans eat 3 times a day, and yet when playing in game, we have to eat about ONCE AN IN GAME HOUR to stay alive. The calorie intake is insane! And this is just while standing still, moving is a whole other ball game. It's hard to enjoy other aspects of the game when hunger is the forefront of this game, and it seems like a huge disadvantage that other Ai's cannot die from hunger, nor does it effect them as harsh. If I did not have the option to switch to the master class every 20 seconds, this would be a deal breaker. (Other classes need more special perks as well to give them value). Thank you and keep up the good work! Fantastic

Very fun. Much enjoyment. Had it when it first came out. Also the new update is cool Fantastic

When I started a new Survival, I was instantly attacked by a person with a bazooka. Please remove the bazooka as it is too OP. Edit: I don't seem to see the bazooka anymore. Thanks a lot. The game is improving with every update. The revolver is now my favourite weapon. Awesome

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