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I just download and tested by myself. It works so well. The tilt works quickly. I like that there if a free portion. I would love to test this with my family and friends. If it goes well I plan on buying all of the expansions. There is only one problem. I can't disable the vibrate in the app. My phone doesn't allow a universal vibrate disable. I checked and the internet didn't help. 5 star

All the fun of the classic Head's-Up game, plus the raunchy comedy of Cards Against Humanity! A true match made in Heaven. Great!

Just downloaded this app tonight and have been playing for an hour. So far a really fun game! Enjoy it!

Love this game! My husband and I laughed so hard. Great game for new couples, couples that have been together and need a spark or for a fun game game night with friends. Superb!

This game has given me and my friends hours and hours of fun. I highly suggest everyone buys the forever expansion packs. Pretty good

Great funny game. Only problem is trying to get the phone to go to next word when you flip or tilt phone. We have to flip and shake many times and the delay between words makes it hard to get the next word. But the game is very fun mature adult. Oh and some of the weird slang terms we never heard of. Edward 40 hands? Best guess game! Superb!

Great app overall, lots of fun with a group of friends. However, how can I add this to my family library of apps, I have purchased the full version with entirety of packs. Enjoy it!

This game is hilarious! Love it !Has alot of funny adult word and there is an option for clean family safe words. Thks game is Way better than heads up! Works great

This game is the BEST! Prefect for our family with college kids! We always end up laughing until we cry! Perfect!

Amazing fun game but you NEED to buy the packs..... if you dont you will miss out, dont be cheap and buy them they are AMAZING Muito bom!

I want to buy the $4.99 expansion pack but it keeps saying the store is unavailable ??? So idk what that's about.. Enjoy it!

Finally got a chance to play this game tonight at a Christmas party at this really fancy place, hahaha! I only downloaded this game so I could have more cards for Evil Apples. I must say, this game saved us from being bored to death! My only suggestion is to add categories to choose from. Overall, solid game. Omg

I adore this game. It is fantastic. Funny, non intrusive, not advert heavy, just great! The new update is fantastic. Well done developers. We'll worth the purchase. Keep it up guys.. Superb!

We play this game just about every time we get in the car! The animals package is great for kids (if an adult reads to moderate). We play with my 8 year old sister (like I said, where we moderate and read the cards) but also play when it's just adults. GREAT GAME Brilliant

So I bought the "expansion packs for forever" deal and it literally played Ode To Joy once payment completed. Made me bust out laughing. Everything about this game is hilarious. 5 star

Great, but the tilting on word guesser isn't sensitive enough (you need to tilt it almost 90 degrees in either direction for it to register). Great amount of words and good variety as well. Superb!

great ice breaker for all kinds of group gatherings. definitely lives up any party with fun energy and laughter. I freaking love this game so much. when ever I'm bored or too shy in a new place I break out this game and become a party hero. Enjoy it!

Wow, so much fun! Played it with 2 people and later 7- makes an excellent and simple party game that doubles as a group drinking game!! A great way to bring an entire group and range of people together in one activity, have everyone laughing and on the same topic! Its a hit and easy enough to work the controls that a drunk person can do it- literally! Superb!

The game works great every time I play it. Over half of the people who leave reviews either don't bother to proof read what they've written, can't spell or do not know how to use proper English. The gameplay is quite simple. It's an amusingly fun game that is always good for a laugh. Thank you. Surprisingly

The only problem is that it's sometimes hard to consistently hit the gets and passes and takes some time to figure it all out. Otherwise, it's a super fun, super simple game Worth a go!

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