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Really in love with the design. Simplistic yet elegant. The blur effect on the wallpaper is on point. I wish it had the integration with Sesame Shortcut so that I could search the apps' shortcuts, also a more customizable List for the menu and on top of that a better use of custom icon packs. Other than that, this is the best alternative to Nova Launcher and currently my daily driver Not bad

Honestly, I really like this launcher for it's simple cleanliness and versatility, however, I cannot justify a five star rating with how infrequently it sees updates. E.G. Custom gestures says it is "coming soon" in the app, though I would venture it isn't as it has said that for I would imagine a year, potentially more though I hadn't used it then. Overall, great app! There are just a few basic things like gestures that could use a little love. Well done!!

I rated this launcher 4 stars before but now I'm taking a star back because I have been waiting patiently for a year for the developers to add custom gestures. But there's no response whatsoever. Please add them or I'll have to switch to Nova sooner or later. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants them. Omg

Love love love this launcher. It's so light and easy to use. The ONLY thing that I would like would be a "lock" on the homescreen so my fat fingers don't rearrange all my icons + widgets accidentally. **UPDATE** Dec 2017 Now has a lock function on the screen and can not fault it. Fast, clean, easy to use and stable Well done!!

App drawer should be full screen mode like the "all apps" text should be removed and also the apps should go more up till it goes under the status bar.. this will give a cool look to the app drawer and full screen mode type... Everything else is so cool. handy and fast.... Loved it... Need just one feature I asked after that this will be a perfect launcher.... Omg

The launcher is by far the most reliable launcher around, a lot of options to tweak the looks etc.. Did experience one little bug but that was fixed just by restarting my phone. Changing the icons didn't work, even visually it was bugged a little bit, restarting my phone did the job so.. Just a small thing you guys might want to have a look at. Still, it's the most comfortable, reliable and easiest launcher I've used so far. Used the google launcher before this. Cool

Best launcher I've installed this launcher today. Too good. I've replaced inbuilt launcher with this. It's so cool. Search bar is awesome. This is what I wanted. In other launchers the search bar is for decoration and its useless. But this launcher's search bar makes it easy to find or access anything on phone. Design is simple and that's good. I can't find any settings. Opening Is there any? I'll update my review after sometime Awesome

By far the best launcher on the Android operating system. A simple swipe down brings up the search for apps, contacts, and searches. Swiping up brings your list of apps all sorted alphabetically. The settings are scarce but very useful. Evie has never crashed on my phone where as other launchers has. It's obvious the developers put in time optimizing performance as well. | I don't normally write app reviews but this was necessary. If you haven't tried this yet it's time! -random dude from the internet that likes cybersecurity Highly Recommend.

This launcher is beautifully designed, buttery smooth and simple to navigate. I recently switched from iPhone to the Note 8 and I can definitely say I would've been more hesitant without this launcher. Not a huge fan of Samsung's regular ui, but thank goodness for Evie✌ love it

Hi, just few mins with the launcher and I loved it! Its fluid and fast. But I couldn't find 2 things- 1.How to have Google app one left swipe like the default Launcher3? I didnt like 2fingers swipe to open the app. 2.DoubleTap to lock works fine, but I am not able to unlock with fingerprint. Is that a limitation? Pretty good

Love it but I kinda wish I could loop my home screens and make one of the the home screen, but you can't really edit that thoroughly. ALSO would love it if you could customize folders on your home screen with colors, so I can better organize myself! Docked two stars for these issues. Well done!!

Love this lightweight launcher it's exactly what I was looking for. Great that you can resize the apps quickly and easily. Lately after exiting an app the next page I swipe to, the apps are not there. If I go to another page and then back they are where they are supposed to be. Not a huge deal just a small bug. The only thing I think it is missing is the use of Google now on the far left. Superb!

Great launcher. Can feel little tiny lags sometimes but nothing that's bad. Evie settings is not on the list of all apps. When you're configuring some settings, want to test it and go back to evie settings again to change something, it is not saving the state of where you were so that you have to search evie settings again and then go to a relevant subsetting. So, yeah just those minor things I noticed when installing evie. But otherwise, again, a great launcher. Go well

Evie is probably the fastest launcher I've used! Thanks a lot for adding the ability to search using DuckDuckGo instead of Google in the latest update. Hopefully some custom gestures can be implemented in the near future. I frequently find myself swiping down to open the notifications shade, only to have search appear instead. Great!

Love the simplicity and speed of the launcher. However, I would like the search bar to be hidden or removed completely. The gesture down then could be customize to maybe bring the notification bar down or something else. Other than that, I can't access wallpapers that come with app icon packs and would like to pick which screen is home screen. Overall, a great launcher! Can't wait for more updates. 5 star

Spectacular! Was having some performance issues and memory losses while using the default launcher. This launcher sent the issue into oblivion. One of the best launchers in market with a simple design and a clear view towards productivity. I would advise everyone to read the info given or get to know on how to use the launcher through internet, before installing the launcher. On the whole, I am enjoying it a lot Great job

Was using Yahoo Aviate before this. Since they have stopped the support, I was looking for a similar launcher that can handle everything from a single page. Evie has come to the rescue. Minimal and efficient. A request to the developer : Pl give multi options on hard pressing the home screen icons. That will increase the efficiency even more. Thanks. Not bad

Amazing launcher, minimalistic design with lots of functionality. But, there are some features I don't get here that I get with Nova Launcher Prime (mostly customization, not functionality), there are a few things I like on this launcher more than Nova as well. Compared to standard Nova Launcher I think this is a solid equal, but Nova Launcher Prime is just a bit better in my opinion. Still 5 stars from me Cool

Like how simple and clean it is. Only gripe is if I do a search for say, Camera, it'll only show the results if the apps title start with camera, it doesn't pick up say "Bacon Camera" or " Open Camera". I think the search would work best if it was looking for the search term in any part of the title. Other than that, thanks for the launcher! Update 02/21/2018: With Aviate no longer being supported, decided to go back to Evie and give it a go. The search is working great, and the overall interface is fast. The backup feature was fast and everything is exactly how I want it. This is now my daily launcher! Fantastic

This is a great launcher. I absolutely love it. However, for some reason, there's no option to hide the search bar. I am using a live wallpaper with a search bar on it too. Now I have 2 search bars on my home screen which kinda looks redundant. For now I'm uninstalling this launcher simply because I'm still attached to my wallpaper. But I'd love to keep both if I can just hide the search bar on my homescreen. Hoping it comes with the next update. Great!

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