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Awesome. Been spot on with tracking my periods & only may be off by a day or so. Muito bom!

The community is my favorite thing about this app. It's great to interact with others and share your stories with no judgement. Must have

Wish it was easier to just put in a daily log and easier to see the days you logged. Also I wish the messaging feature worked better and wasn't premium only Fantastic

I really like this because it helps you track periods and also it is super cute and fun. The girls on there are almost like a community because you can ask them questions and you get honest feedback without being scared about getting judged. It's super empowering and informs you about new things and you even get daily quizzes and such. Super cute and fun because it isn't negative and tells about things you should look out for based on things you're experiencing. Just started using this and I already love it. Plus it even tells you when your expected period is going to be Great job

I love it. The community is so so so supportive and makes my period better. And they are like a mother and they understand I can ask them anything Must have

This is the best app ever! When i downloaded this app I was just looking for a place to log my period days, but this app does so much more than that. It's like ur part of a community. Superb!

Wish it was easier to just put in a daily log and easier to see the days you logged. Also I wish the messaging feature worked better Superb!

An amazing app to track and explain your cycle, as well as to monitor if everything is OK. Brilliant info and layout Awesome

I love the app I use it daily the only thing I would like to see added is for the birth control reminder make it to where it has an alarm and it doesn't just appear in the notification box so people can hear it when it comes in 5 star

Easy, helpful way to track your period and learn more about your body. 100% recommend this app for any woman. Flawless

I love this app it's always got my back and so far hasn't been wrong in a year and a half Fabulous!

Very good! The community forums are very helpful for everything girls, and I've already made lots of friends. Omg

If you need a place to get advice or just to track your period, t his app really does have it all! Nice to have a judge free environment to talk aboitt more personal things, too. Amazing!

Eve is the only period app that accounts for my longer than normal cycle. Periods aren't a one size fits all and eve accounts for that! Love the community of supportive ladies and the almost always accurate period prediction Omg

I use this purely for my menstrual cycle while using the family planning method. I don't care for the community although I'm sure it's helpful for most young gals. Just wow

I like the app, what I didn't like is that they offer a free trial and they say at the end of the trial they'll charge you, well I think they should let you know when they're charging you, I had a hard time canceling the subscription and they ended up charging me. Just wow

This app is great. I'm not so sure about the period tracking, but the community in this app is just amazing. Filled with loving, and caring women from all around. The only reason I'm not deleting this app is for that main reason. If you want to talk about what's going on with you, your life, your body, and want people to hear you out and give advice. This is the app ladies. No hate here. Just love and support. Well done!!

Awesome app for tracking periods and trying to conceive. Lots of bugs fixed on the update. Go well

This is a great app for tracking, but an even better, beautiful, open community of women willing to listen and help one another Omg

Can never keep up when period is suppose to start so this app was amazing right off the bat Cool

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