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It's free but... ...I initially thought that this would be along the lines of 'Assistant' or 'Siri'-otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much point in having her there. It would also be good if there was customisation to available for the apps: having said all that, it is still a brilliant gadget to have & doesnt require payment/downloading like some other themes. wow lol

Eva? So don't understand what the little blue person is supposed to do. Can you give me feedback on that? And also I usually have to initiate toucher myself. It does not come on by itself although I checked the box in the set up menu. Get me that fixed and I'll defiantly give the whole program a five. I love you guys. Worth a go!

Why? What is wrong with you people, why does the little blue guy have to stand for anything!? Have you people ever heard of " artistic license "??! ! These developers are artist!! Let them create and express themselves!! You DEVELOPERS are doing a great job! KEEP IT UP!!! Amazing!

Camera doesn't work Whenever I click my exposure button while taking a photo it switches to toucher pro.. It works once I exit toucher pro.. Otherwise it is good Great job

Almost there I do like this theme. I would like it better if I could change the order of the apps, in the App section and, it would be nice if the flashlight worked. Awesome

Exx Good app. But it should be with more colours so we can choose other colour. Thanks go team Great!

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