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Good game. Need further improvement on following issues : 1. It's too dark at night even with headlights turned on. Even daytime can be more brighter 2. Bigger GPS map while driving would be better 3. Map loading must be improved. The game loading map while driving and then the truck ended somewhere else after the map is loaded. 4. On coming vehicles turns awkwardly. Recommend

This game is awesome.... I m very happy when i drive trucks in this game... But there is only one problem that there is no settings about sound of game, truck sound...which results that i m not able to listen my own songs while driving. Perfect

I would rate this game better, but there is a huge problem with it. I paid $0.99 to remove the ads, and after that, I could not back under trailers. They were sunk into the ground. Only way to fix it is to clear all data from the app. Then the ads are back and will not go away. love it

I love this addicting game. I am facing a small problem hope you can help. My truck has flipped over and I don't have enough money for rescue. What can I do now??? Worth it!

It has good graphics. I think this is a great game because it has a multiplayer too. Also fix the brightness when I drive the truck at nighttime, it is too dark. Thanks! love it

Nice game I loved it. But if in this game we hit another truck in multiplayer mode it will be a very good game, so in next update I think you would do this. Thanks Cool

It is a pretty descent driving game. It is better than the racing games. The tasks and its remunerations, indeed motivates the game. However, the game does lack an initial tutorial. Just wow

Good game. I'm giving one star in app because I'm not able to use the trucks I purchased. From there excellent game. I have an S8+ Great job

This game is absolutely stunning. This is probably the best truck simulator you will find on the Play Store. I only have one problem, which is the behaviour of the AI (cars, other trucks). Sometimes when I'm driving on the motorway, they just swerve in the middle of the road. Also if you're on the road, even with your hazards on, they don't stop and crash into you. They also turn really badly and they don't use their indicators (blinkers). It would be cool if you added hunger to the driver and restaurants to stop in, it would make the game a small bit more challenging. Worth it!

Very very excellent game. Here should not be removed the video bonus after fuel refilling. Kindly add it again. Thanks A lot Pretty good

This game is very good and it's udated multiplayer has improved a lot . The controls and the graphics has been better too! It has a lot of trucks to buy and you can change it's colour and the body also. So, it is good to download this exciting game ! Works great

Very cool game good graphics I enjoy it! Please update traffic and pedestrian in the cities. The latest update sometime crushes when taking a job. Good

Wonderful, fantastic.i enjoy this game. Add more things in order to feel have really truck,same the New coach bus simulator its amazing Worth a go!

I would have given 5 stars but am in level 3 and I can't pick up another job offer. But in all its a good and an addictive game Superb!

When I went to bruxelles and I crashed then my truck flipped I pressed rescue and cancel job 6 times. I installed it back it's going better intill you fix the problem I will give 1 more star and I love this game like a real trucker, when we have the time it goes fast make it go slow like normal time. Worth it!

Every thing is ok But the left side controls on the screen are covering the mirror.. better place them on the bottom of left side of the screen. It would be a great time for us Marvelous

Great game. The only problem I had was the ads were inappropriate i really dont qant to see women shake there ass while im driving a truck and the game has to stop and load the map which is annoying. Let there be a paid version and I'll buy it Recommend

I like the game. It's just like Euro truck simulator on PC! I'd love it if speed limit would be shown in the speedometer and side mirrors be shown in different camera angles. Other than that excellent game! Keep it up!! Recommend

Updation good Keep it up and always keep updating this game. I suggest I should add more traffic and other mountainous areas too where driving is difficult. Also fog weather is a must and real life sciences is also must. Hope U updated tis game more Fantastic

The EuroTruck simulator was a great experience and was worth playing while travelling. I really enjoyed the graphics and they are so realistic. The game is awesome. Finally, I thank OVILEX software for uploading it in the Play store. Regards Jeevan wow lol

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