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I like this game very much but the traffic cars not correct when they any direction they reverse turn their directions. And the headlights are not visible at night please make it brighter. And the traffic light quickly turns green to red. Please fix this bug. I like this game. Fabulous!

Not bad, don't like the camera angles, controls are ok - better than most truck sims, graphics and gameplay are good, too hard to see where your trailer is though, wider FOV would be nice or an option to add virtual offside mirror. When reversing and looking backwards, camera snaps back to face forwards. Nice game just a few camera issues Perfect

Euro truck driver is really a cool game, nice controls and a good graphics too. Recommended for downloads Just need the developers to add few features to the game.... Add where one can hire apprentice to drive one's truck, and add garage features where you can park your trucks, and make the rain effect more rigid on the windshield. Add pedestrians walking... And few other features to make the app more great Awesome

The Vehicles' AI: When turning or circling the road, they stop and move backward then forward repeatedly until they reach the point. The rotunda road is not perfect for thriller trucks because it is hard to maneuver. Each problem that I have been mention is worth 1 star. Thank you! By the way, I enjoy playing this game. Hoooraaaahhh! Worth a go!

Good game plan but check on: 1. The track can't get up when it falls not unless runs out of fuel & asks for rescue. Provide a way to raise the track off ground in case of a crash. This is the worst part. 2. In the dark map it's hard to load the track. 3. No way u can start a new game. One is forced to continue with the current progress even when in need to start a new game. One must uninstall & and reinstall to start a fresh. What a cumbersome way out? Good

This game is fantabrutal, words cant explain how much i love to play the game. It always give me sleepless night and its because i use to play it the whole night. But the problem here is it somtimes runs slow on ma Samsung Tab 3 Well done!!

Very addictive would be 5 star if we could drive in Australia "Please" And jt is way too dark at night.... All trucks should have side mirrors too.... not much change of scenery or condition of roads...that could lead the driving boring so please update some only then would you have 5 stars Just wow

Liked the game.. changes should be done: 1 . Ground clearance with adjustable height 2. Cameras 3. Tire should get puncture 4. New trucks 5 . New destination 6. Most Heavy goods 7. More truck paints that's all. Plzzz bring update at earliest Surprisingly

Addictive for fans of the genre. I suggest moving the steering wheel and pedals up on the phone so it is more comfortable to hold my phone during gameplay. My game is currently glitching (while trying to hitch up to trailer) in Cluj. Go well

The game which i play more than 2 years... The best game which i paly in my life... Thanks alot... But not new update or new trucks why??? And plz add more cities of asia also well b very good... Well b thankful if you people extend the map more,,,, Superb!

Liked the game.. changes should be done: 1 . Ground clearance with adjustable height 2. Cameras 3. Tire should get puncture 4. New trucks 5 . New destination 6. Most Heavy goods 7. More truck paints that's all Brilliant

There is no daily reward. It's require for daily play users to update their truck and purchase new one and no additional track system which unlocks the new area or map these all small function require in this game and it will be fun for additional features thannx Perfect!

I love the game, and the map size, but I wish I had a road map of everything, for i know where I'm at and what roads to take to get to different places. Also when I drive, I hit things in the road that aren't even there and it messes up my truck when I'm going a good speed. Another things, you guys should add mirrors that are better to see of, on both sides. I do like the game and continue to play it, just a few things that would make it better :) 5 star

OnePlus 3T. I have been playing this game since long time. But last few days a problem occurred as when i play with the truck which price is 181000 € the steering not appeared on the screen. Kindly resolve the same. Must have

2 stars added for adding gamepad support BUUT :/ need button customization. The gas peddle and pause button are both tied to the trigger. Making it literally impossible to drive at all. (Note cheap controller, trigger is push button, no sensitivity like real Xbox controller) Hit the gas and it starts driving, release the gas and the game pauses. I can't figure out how to change it... Original: In all fairness I've only played the game for 5mins so far... and I can't use my controller :( Pretty good

It's amazing!!! It's a little bit like you our a truck driver but your not. I agree with some people that when night comes it is a little bit to dark. I also think the trucks should be able to go faster because when it says 13mph I can only go max of 90 so that's something that may need to be fixed. But otherwise 5 stars for the effort that has been put into it and how you made it look like a pro simulator that looks real. Sorry if I wasted your time. wow lol

It's good but I hate it when a car or truck crashes into me and I lose 50 cash and can't you make the save me free, for example once a truck crashes into me and I started flying and landed in the guard rail and got stuck. First thing I lost like 500 cash because of the cars crashing into me and then I had to press save me. 5 star

Where are other European countries and their cities? Yes, London, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Reykjavik and some other cities are not connected by road from continental Europe but why there is not Lisbon, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Oslo, etc which are important capitals of Europe. There should be real environment and climate as per real European Continental situation. And why these cars are driven carelessly for which I have to pay €50 for each crash. At last this is very great game but should be upgraded for better. Thankyou. Brilliant

When the game is playing, the background music just stops, this was not there in the initial version I downloaded in 2016. Plus, it cannot pick songs from my memory card. Secondly, the lights do not work properly at night, street lights, truck lights, other cars lights, traffic lights, no lights are working well. Thirdly, the Munich part needs to be upgraded, it loads and then brings the bus to a crash on the rail in the middle of the road. The red truck (most expensive One) has no steering. Enjoy it!

need improvement of ground clearence of trucks and also camera no 3 in big trucks we cant se properly so for every truck camera angle 3 must be at sam position. and also add some maps and road should be diffrent at every location and also scenery add more trucks with more speed it will be fun and game players will not get boar hope u will have some of this fix in next update Great job

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