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Its an amazing game but maybe increase like the lane size and maybe have upgrades like engin and others to make it more appealing to people and have a little more of a salection of things Amazing!

Overall the game is very good and realistic. But one major bug I found is that when I made a little progress and then started new game, it started from the last save game. And in Stockholm when I drive in camera mode 2(cockpit), the dashboard and steering wheel shakes a lot as if in a earthquake. You can look into these bugs and make more improvements in the coming updates. But I like the game very much. Enjoy it!

It's Nice to play but too many ads. You start a job and during the job a ad starts and crashes the truck. Deleted! Waste of time and space Fabulous!

The game is excellent except one thing. After map loading there comes a sudden turn or a pop up window on the screen which forces my truck to crash and cost money. Otherwise the game is great. Also keep introducing new maps and cities with every update to make it more cool. Brilliant

I tried Truck Simulator USA but it was a bit too resource intensive for my phone to handle. When I downloaded this game I was overjoyed to discover that it runs just fine, no more overheating in 5 minutes. The controls and graphics are smooth, but the traffic A.I. can be quite reckless. They're like bullets on the road, and sometimes they'll get too reckless and cause a wreck which can be hard to avoid sometimes. I'm happy that this game doesn't have the red light penalty, in the USA version it was prone to frequent error. Other than that I love it and will be playing this for hours, and I look forward to playing the USA version when I get a better phone! Great work devs, 10/10 overall. Cool

It's good game but map should be extended in every app update. Some roads are too small as truck cannot turn so easily, that must be made little widened and if petrol gets over it rescued in a different way. I cannot see any ppl walking in streets only cars will be roaming around. Loading map should be there and it should auto load. Fantastic

I love this game but there are some problem with this game .stupid car drivers we have to give money even if they hit our vehicle and it is too dark at night. need more model of trucks map loading take more time Need more space while turning to the petrol pumb. Break should be upgraded . But it is very good game Works perfectly

Graphics, Gameplay, and controls are great, but I want to use player mode, but when I tried to join a room, Nothing pops up, and I can't use multiplayer. Also, I purchased a new truck, and when I drove it, the meter began shaking, and so it believes that I am pressing the brake button at the same time, this is a bug of the small truck I purchased Recommend

it's a really good game, one of the best simulators there is on the play store. I would love if a ferry was added so you could get from Europe to Britain and Ireland. also I wish the loading map thing was gone and the whole map. was pre loaded when you start playing Worth a go!

Can you please implement these things in the next update: 1. Near and offside window control like in bus sim 2017 2. Fines for going through red lights 3. Fines for not sleeping I.e. show rest times in game after you sleep 4. Fines for if it rains and you do not put your headlights on 5. Add the 8axel Volvo FH16 6. More realism in rainy weather including the rain on the windshield 7. Remove the walkie talkie completely as it's no use in game at all. Recommend

I highly recommend this for a time eater. I want to see like the real thing like i want to see the Eiffel Tower at Paris or The Berlin Wall at Berlin, give it like a new level of Euro Truck Driver. If this is a little bit "out there" it will do for me. :) Superb!

Game is really very good. But still there should be more things added. Like increase the speed of trucks. Should be added gear box with gear joy stick like original one and that should be manual. Because the current gear box is very boring. Should be add on the sign boards on roads the distance in km with city names. Trucks lights should little bit more improve. There should be not loading map. Should be continuous. And should be increase traffic density. And Many more small small things. Best of luck for future updates. Amazing!

Only if the headlights could be brighter, even at day time it looks kind of dark. I've seen others complaining of the same,but no response from developers. Recommend

This is the best truck sim game that is free! I love this so much! But There is a few problems: 1) When I flip over the truck, there is no way I can get back up again unless I have $2500, and sometimes, I cant afford it, so I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it then I lose my progress. 2) The traffic is freakin crazy!! They drive like maniacs and you easily crash due to it. Overall, I love this game, but can you plz improve it?! ;) Must have

Nice game...but the switch make me dont see the side mirrow...if can put at down side and please put both of mirrow easy to see back side...if can hired driver more nice because i plan want to buy another truck...i dont have time to drive all truck hope u update make it can hired driver like that just dont waste all my truck..please update tq Awesome

The gameplay tries to be like ETS 2 which is amazing. The distances are much shorter which is a great thing. The controls are awful and too small. The headlights need improvement. The AI drivers are dangerous, one truck once jumped in the air and landed in front of me blocking the whole road. Good

The graphics and gameplay are amazing but what happens when you run out of fuel and you dont have the money to pay? All the progress down the drain. I will have to delete the app and start from fresh or i have to pay real money for it. Perfect!

Good game. Please add some Indian and Pakistani trucks. When there is rain there is no wet in the windshield so improve this and at last please add some new carriers like JCB bulldozer train locomotive tanks and add some heavy trucks and traffic I hope you will add this in next update and please give the update as soon as you can. 5 star

Great game! There's one thing that is stupid... why the hell do you need money in multilayer mode? One more. Graphics could be inpruved! Worth a go!

I think there should be slider pedals like in the truck simulator usai want to reduce the app size , the people who do not have the good smartphones has to get a chance to play this nice game the gameplay can be more better if you work on it. I want to increase the light of the headlights Omg

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