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Previously, I was played this game,but I am not submit my score..But i have screenshots on my phone...Now,I am installed will i continue with my previous game... Flawless

It's a great game but it would great if the lights on the truck could be bit brighten at night as I can't see the road that well at night Muito bom!

Everything is nice graphics also and tucks also but only the problem is about the ads their are too much of ads Surprisingly

Please fix those car traffic on road and while traffic car or truck go to side. Please update car and truck have own signal before go other way. Also to the road in city make sure it wide enough for truck because sometime truck are stuck because of signboard and traffic light. Make it more realistic im sure it will be the best one truck game. Well done!!

I like this game a lot but adds are a nuisance and in one of the cities (can't remember what one) I keep driving into invisible stuff on the road so my truck keeps getting damage coming in and going out of the city also the cb radio button is in the way of the steering wheel and it's also annoying because I keep hitting it Awesome

its super cool buh i ran out of fuel and i dont have cash for rescue now my cargo iz stuck on the road help plis Brilliant

Pls update...the city always same...the car is very funny...i dont like...pls update the real truck Great!

Best game for time spend control s are not so good but best game for truck lovers and Cool

Lots of bugs kindly remove the ads too. ads is wasting time and data. your apps is nice but sometimes it is not nice because of ads and bugs. i hope u fix it soon as possible. love it

Pls work on the steering of this game,vehicle right mirror,real roads with bridges,bumps, checkpoints,weather, and hands for the driver Worth a go!

Best truck game. The graphics are good and the sound of the trucks are realistic, especially the air brakes. Worth a go!

Dear , Designer the speed of the truck should be increased from 90to 130 or 140 I like this game it is a nice,good game So increase the speed Go well

Good graphics, love the controls but the fuel depletion is just over realistic. Nice and addictive game big ups admin Omg

The game is good comparative to other truck simulator but there is no difference in performance like speed, control, comfort, etc.from one truck to another even from low price to high price. Plz add more cities Enjoy it!

I don't like that cars are going past you all fast that called road range na I'm just kidding just telling lies and the reason I think its road rage it because I chase after the cars but I can't decide if its intense or not because I'm just felling like a grump when they pass by all fast other than that na its cool Worth a go!

I think when buy the front lights when you use them its suppose to be brighter on the road but that it does not do and your bends at too thin make them bigger plzzzz Highly Recommend.

This game is really relaxing. However, I would like if this game have extra details like more cities, or distinctive landmarks or housings and buildings in different towns. Fabulous!

Could still be better It could have better graphics Must have a manual gearbox Better and tough missions Marvelous

The master trucking game of the play store. There is no fault in giving more than a billion Well done!!

Today i updated this game the game got corrupt after updating. Please resolve this problem. Just wow

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