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How do I get onto multiplayer? I can't get onto multiplayer I don't know how so if anyone does please reply.I also want to know if you could like let us make a character and you could customize him or her and you can like open the door and get out or in of any vehicle or house.PLEASE PUT THIS IN YOUR NEXT UPDATE!!!!! It would really help thanks

Thing to add next update Put more houses field and airport like a city add bigger road and make it easy to drive love games

Fun game I like this game. It has decent graphics and user interface. I might recommend the game. I have two gripes. One...when the cars around you turn at intersection they basically stop and back up a bit, while in mid turn, so when you get hit you get fined. Two... After a ad when my map was loading I returned back to game and I was FLYING, YES FLYING, I have the pics, I was doing between 150 and 450 mph flying through the clouds!! Update... Still stuck this way (flying)1-6-16... review getting worse!

Ok Add rain effects like blurry windows slash screen when it rains and add indicators to other cars because I almost crash on roads when cars turn into me without warning and I all ways lose control when I am going down motorway and pause pls add all this for five stars

After new update...... Its performance goes down after new update and now its start stucking , jumping ,etc . So bad.............

Nice game but... Please do add little space between acceleration and brakes..also make brakes upgrade for quick stopping and then make head lights upgrade for clear visibility(not dark as now) thank you....

Finally arrive on my device,thanks to Ovilex Software once again!!! But need to fixed the bugs often for better,smooth driving condition. We want bus simulator 2016 should be same like Euro truck driver and and aspect more long distance , diesel house and other which should have in one bus game and also realistic Buses Like VOLVO SCANIA so please make a one of best Bus simulation game for mobile. The game runs smoother and perfect but the problem all trucks speed are 90 km. Euro Truck Driver

Still having trouble trying to play online can one of you help by saying something please. I can't drive to anyway. And i don't see the steering wheel. Why? I want to know the reasons. I hated it because it is so laggy,i angry because this game i wait for one hour and i play this game,when i drive the truck its so laggy I want you to high fixed. But some problems with steering, head light, navigation on map, buttons on mirror, night is so dark and lots of problem; update it as soon as...Euro Truck Driver

Because when I download the app and try to open it. The app stops and the screen goes blank. Its good but Euro Truck Driver crashes unexpectedly in the middle of playing or after getting fuel or resting or map loading or after finishing a job please fix the game crashing. I did a job and somehow the trailor has glitched into the ground and i cant get it out and it wont let me quit the job plz help. Guys even if they are things need to be fix ovidiu games are cool i like them but this one is disappointing me it slow.

Good app but still need some improvements most especially the sensitivity. Right ok there are wee things that need to be fixed but like everything new it dose like where do you go to sleep, otherwise it is a great game. It went let me play say stopped I went let me play fix it I can download every other game it let me I download games bigger than this & I can play it... brilliant love it shame bout all the advertising though. Need more improvements. Graphics need to improve too. Euro Truck Driver

So close 4 getting 5 stars but It's way to much laggy plus cars go crashing and you lose points another thing is speed they go way to fast btw pls make new games like fire fighting games, helicopter games or police games. Wish could make realistic by traffic jams police chasing people etc also GPS talknlike turn left etc. Well, I was waiting for it to download (which I had to delete all my other games to do so). Once it had I was so exited because I am a big Ovidue pop fan(I play all their games) but once I opened it up the lag was too much I couldn't play it properly. PLEASE FIX THIS (I have a samsung galaxy young 2) and I will give you 5 stars! Keep up the good work! Euro Truck Driver

Cool game. But I can never do multiplayer. That includes thus game and Bus Simulator 2015. Whenever I press the Join Random Button it won't let me join. Please fix this. I cant even go to multiplayer it was like nobody was playing euro truck river. You all are doing good jobs whenever you all coming with new games. I love Euro Truck Driver but should also have the options for trucks should american trucks too.

Euro Truck Driver is the best truck game ever for the adds you can just turn of the wifi and than no more adds! I love this game but you need add at some Peterbilt's a 369 , 379 , 389 but not a cabover. I'm giving it 4 because now my truck is in the air, it's nothing I can do to it. Please fix this problem. Just got the 9.99 one two times and no money and the adds are still there so hope you fix that other then that problem the game is really cool thanks.

Was going good then game malfunction ,my truck gust stop in the middle of the road Don't download Euro Truck Driver. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam, and I'm surprised to see that there is a mobile version of the game, but slightly different. Just the game being choppy at times, and would like to see improvements upon this game. Very nice game improve truck speed 89 90 and more cites in your ovidiu pop i am fann in games and improve music and more truck maps

The mirrors near the driver side, cannot see properly. The buttons too near the mirror. Add additional mirror on the right side. Please fix it. Thanks! Amazing game but The wiper is not switching off it wipes 3-4 times more and then only gets off . The main problem is IT DOES NOT SWITCH OFF ON ONE CLICK I reinstalled the game but the problem is not fixing please check the wipers. this problem came after the recent update please fix. I have a samsung galaxy core 2 rest everything is perfect please can you fix this wiper problem.PLEASE, I LOVE Euro Truck Driver.

good concept but glitchy loads way too much. no. not cool. next after every load while in a bend in the road when it recovers truck ALWAYS fix bugs . loads too much this is ridiculous. Game is great but to improve do this :fix lag and turning with the truck and add better graphics and add flashlights for the truck, engine brake and more upgrades to the trucks but make game brighter and truck lights brighter and make it so that u can hold the horn how long u want and to hook the trailer manualy also fix fuel consumption rate and sleep rate i mean really every 2 minutes . Ps make a better car games.

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