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Good game but sometime the game was stuck nd hang nd start again pls solv this prblm 5 star

Foundation a glitch in one of the township where i rand into something solid wich can not be seen. Had to cancel my job that i was busy with Marvelous

I loved this game but I think it should have more to it . I really liked this game because there are trucks and you get to drive freely. There are different views but I also think that all of the hub options should be in all of the different views. Muito bom!

To anybody reading this check it out it is really amazing I love it 1. OMG THIS IS a AMAZING GAME 2. Can you plz add it to where you can unhook your trailer so like if you wanted to pul into a gas station you can drop it on the side of the road refill sleep etc then hook right back up 3. Plz add collusions in multiplayer so people have to slow down and follow road rules it would also go along with (number 2) and plz make the Yas stations bigger and add more refilling points and rest points 4. You should add an in game mic system and make it to where when you join a server you get to pick your own jobs so you join pick your job and go right on cause in multiplayer when I back the trailer up myself it spawns a new trailer and it glitches really bad so being able to pick your own jobs would help a lot 5. Ik this is euro truck but can you add some american trucks to so like peter builts and other trucks like that and plz make it so you can switch your cash to us 5. Make it so you can get out of your truck and make it so you can eat and drink at gas stations that we be really cool thanks for reading this (PS. I really hope you can make this stuff happen it would be just so amazing thanks guy keep the good work up) wow lol

Gas stations must b shown on full map and map loadind must b better. It disturbs speed and cahances of crashes increases Fuel guage meter is not visible in all trucks interior mode (cam#2) which is not useful. It must be upgrade wow lol

I am -purushothaman this is my yard play it is the one of the most nice simulation play it , achieve it and do Muito bom!

All is good but need to improve graphics and update update this game and give more features can improve multiplayer Marvelous

Need some improvement on controls and graphics and you can increase the mb but give best Works great

This game like same drive and lots of fun in this game the trip is so long to go Fabulous!

It is nice but please improve the graphics and traffic cars and trucks,extend the road because some trucks are not able to go inside the city Must have

I love it but i wish you could upgrade the engine so you have more horsepower in the first truck 5 star

I prefer you only add the right side mirror and come up with more tracks such as scania,benz and so on...The game is awesome. Good

Houston we have a problem.. I would like to complain about the idea of the itehr cars and trucks running over me and I'm the one who gets charged, not fair buddies.. and second which is the main point the game doesn't start all the way it shows the euro truck logo and goes black on me.. I have updated it and all updated my Google play but apparently nothing works, HELP Recommend

Thank you for developing such a nice game. .... my request to the developer is.... that if you can develop. .. flight simulator ... aur special ship/boat simulator games... would be really appreciating. . Thank you Marvelous

I was going to hiway but suddenly truck stopped and it was out of fule i was stucked now i am re dowlaoding it Omg

In this game, after an update was rolled out the game trucks refuse to take jobs, please fix this urgently Go well

The game itself is great, but inability to temper with control size and placing caused some problem with steering controls, atleast for me Fantastic

It is good but it need to add more cities,off road area,hills road and it also need hand brake so update it Highly Recommend.

Gud game for truck lover but road is small can u put new small car or mountain hills wow lol

when in font road construction is going on before a board will be there of be carefull road construction is going on and if u bring bike in this game it will better and the game need underground road river pools ocean side the road Great job

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