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Has stopped giving me alerts for the teams I have game alerts set for. Was working fine and then a couple weeks ago, just stopped. Nothing wrong in my settings and resetting everything did not help. Not very useful if it doesn't do what it's set up to do. Works perfectly

Everytime I try to update my alerts it says "Sorry could not connect right now. Please try again later." And it's been going on for the past week. Plus I've un installed it and re installed it and the same thing pops up everytime. Please fix this. Worth it!

Decent app that gets you high level things, but you guys really need to hire someone to improve your UI as the difficulty navigating around this app is something you should be embarrassed by. Seriously, try and find your tourney bracket when there isn't that banner on the home screen... Good luck! Must have

Great app. I like how you can pick your teams to follow except for golf. I watch the PGA and I wish you could follow certain players instead of ONLY getting news on Tiger Woods every day. It gets old. Must have

It's a good app..but can't turn off the notification alert in settings. .I turn it off and it goes back I must delete this app cause the alerts are starting to irritate me every five minutes. .smh..fix it and maybe I install it again Great job

Seems to have improved a lot since that last time I uswd it. Back in 2016 it would hand and lag and it would never send notifications if the phone was on wifi. It would wait and send a whole days worth of game updates when I switched to data, which would freeze my phone. Now it seems faster and less glitchy. wow lol

It is a pretty good way to keep up, especially if you only follow a few things. Would give it a higher rating if they kept their 'investigative' stuff out of the news feed and put it in op-eds. Just wow

Horrible. With LTE I can stream a Netflix movie in seconds, play a YouTube video instantly, and for some reason cannot get a gahl-dog video on this stupid app to ever load and play. Works great

You would think that a company with the resources of ESPN would be able to make a better app. The UI is clunky and makes it inconvenient to find more information about a team or league, and most of the time it's easier to just Google what you're trying to find. Not to mention that the breaking news alerts have about a 50% chance of being dumb clickbait. If ESPN didn't have the reputation built up by Sportscenter, they would have gone out of business long ago. Enjoy it!

Way too many notifications for sports I have no interest in, couldn't turn them off through the app so I had to turn all notifications off. Other than that good app. Omg

Far too many of the podcasts have issues/glitches that make the on demand pods impossible to listen to in their entirety. The news and highlights are ok. But too many issues with whats on the listen tab, which accounts for 99% of why i wanted the app. Very disappointing. Muito bom!

Good for getting top sports stories and checking scores. If I'm paying to access Insider articles, I expect all of them to be in one place, but they're scattered among each sports category and can be very hard to find. I'd also suggest allowing users to save their favorite articles. Amazing!

Been getting an endless amount of popups recently. Not the average video ad or ads on the play store, but random popups from a weird website that looks like a scam or malware. I've signed off and tried reinstalling the app. For now I will use another app for my sports news and come back and try later. I hope this will be fixed Omg

The best sports app in the business. Really love ESPN but I do admit that streaming videos needs to be better. Streaming tends to lag & freeze at times during streaming. Streaming needs to run smoothly.... Please correct. Continue updating & improving. love it

I don't like it that the push alerts I get take me ... well , nowhere. And definitely not to the page or story in the alert. The search for team or league doesn't work well, you have a bug ( for example searching for champion league teams). Just wow

This app is pretty great. I'd give 5 stars if I didn't get video errors everytime I try and watch a short 30 second video. No, it's not my phone it's the app itself crashing. Fantastic

Frequently doesn't load when I click on notifications. Brightens the screen from my setpoint to uncomfortable levels. I have yet to watch a game through the app but can review all day the spinning circle I get every time I try Marvelous

Its ESPN. Only thing this app has going for it. Horrible load times, delayed info, and im not a fan of the layout. Hard to navigate. I get faster updates from DraftKings. Unistalling Works perfectly

Overall a good app and is pretty up to date so I can have accurate stats while watching a game live. One annoyance: the NHL all star game is today, but the times for this event aren't on the main scores tab? I have the NHL selected as a favorite, but listed instead are the NFL pro bowl, golfing results, tennis results, and European soccer scores after my favorite teams. wow lol

Best sports app there is. Not to mention able to watch games if it's not being aired Good

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