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Room escape games that - without notice, require me to shake or tilt the phone, really put me off. Me like scratch brains, me not like peeling bananas okay? Furthermore, some puzzles felt not quite belonging to this genre, like the number match a.k.a. '2048' game. Liked the nice graphics, but uninstalled nonetheless. Good

It's a very interesting game to play and very clear graphics, I like it's each and every steps of locked doors in this game some of doors are difficult to open but not impossible Worth a go!

Stucked on level 74! Used all 3 hints BT can't get on d next level! Help plz if u can!! Thinking to uninstall dis game!! Omg

I enjoy this type of game. So far, this game is pretty good. It has good graphics. And it is challenging. Perfect!

To early to tell just started. You should wait til a person gets thru training mode Works perfectly

Mistakes interrupted I'm stuck on level 99 while I used all 3 hints but can't get the floor 26.actually there's only 24 floors.there may be some mistakes.plz tell me what to do to complete the game Works perfectly

Lovely girl I'm stuck on level 57 I have tried everything, but I can't get past it. Could you help? Thanks Works great

Help me I'm stuck in level 15-1 White + White = White Black + Black = White White + Black = Black Someone help meeeee Fantastic

Love the graphics !! Some doors were ez, some were difficult, there were no explanations for the level challenges so figuring out what needed to be done to win them was hard at times...and when I got to the 100th door, there was no Congratulations you did it no bonuses...but you know what I want ? Another 100 doors . When you get the door to open you touch the screen to go thru...that should take you to the next level !!! Omg

Im stuck on level 37 (10-1) I used the hint and out days to do the s.o.s code on the light press 3 short 3 long 3 short and I do yet the door will not open somebody please help it's been over a week of trying Perfect

So easy I finished the entire game in 2days..... Was expecting something tough.... But it was fun. Write me for clues Cool

47 12-3 Stuck hint didn't help. Fun game though. Seriously I have tried for 3 days. HELP Fantastic

change the title of game other game with doors and rooms is on the playstore. change it. it is still showing doors and rooms in mobile. Must have

Good, but stuck on 99 I've been enjoying the game, but I'm stuck on level 99 (25-3). The hints are useless. The third hint just brings up the buttons, and doesn't say anything. Can someone help me out here, please? Good

Color mixing . Mix yellow and blue color then just shake ur phone till the color change to green .n u have done it Fabulous!

Help in level 16 How to drive away these mouses in level 16?? 15-after joining handle on lion face, slide finger downward 4 times on handle. 14-join flash lights as per diagram in middle (sliding finger on each) Amazing!

Its good Its good but i cant get the 5th bell anywhere in stage 34... Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Works great

Tediously fun Stuck on level 17: 5-1. Has the Sagittarius symbol = 10 a 3, 5, 9 at the bottom and the zodiac symbols to the right. No idea what I'm supposed to do. Not bad

Fun game but im stuck. Lol Its a fun gamw but im stuck on level 35 and cant beat it. Need help.on level 35. Superb!

What now? Love the game, but need to move the wires and nothing I do seems to work - please help! !!! Cool

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