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Only needed a couple clues! I really enjoyed the amount of levels. Not too hard or easy, just requires thinking and memory! Pretty good

Enjoyed this game so much , quite tricky in places but I completed it. Really good game. Would recommend playing it to any escape artists out there. love it

I loved this one and the other cat hotel game! Beautiful furniture to look at and I appreciate the light filled rooms! No dark rooms, can see very clearly. Hints are great! Ads only when you need a hint! I hope there are more of these games, especially with the beautiful sourroundings! wow lol

Cute puzzle game that had me scratching my head at some points. I enjoyed the simple storyline and graphics. Thank you. Not bad

So fun! Challenging and very cute cats. The only add you see, is to get a hint and I can handle that. Thank you, I took a picture of the hint to refer back to. Not bad

Struggling to figure out the duck code even with the hint. Either i've missed something or the game has a bug in it. Probably my bad though. Nice graphics, 4* rating if i don't complete. Update: Nah, nothings working so buggar it Great!

I struggled to even get started but was able to get help through an online video. I loved the cat theme Enjoy it!

Super cute cat-themed game. Took off 1 star because the English translation needs work and at times made it difficult to understand game play and hints. Cool

This was a very challenging but fun game. This is a very good game to work your brain. Thank you sooooo much! Great!

It was OK. I didn't like the graphics that much. It looked so computerized. However, the controls were easy to use. Awesome

Lots of tricky stuff like floor or wall panels that are nearly invisible. If you get stuck, try just clicking around on and blank floor or wall space. Enjoy it!

One of the best! But involves lots of English, so less suitable for my little girls. Cool

Loved it, easy to follow but a tad hard at times but if u think hard u can complete it. Good game dev's Perfect!

I don't know how anyone could rate this less than five stars. It's a perfect game. Amazing!

What a great idea. I can tell that you cared about this project. Loved the scene with the butterfly! Friggin hilarious! Cool

Excellent Escape! Good

This a brilliant game, hard enough to make you think, but not too hard that's you're not able to complete it. Very good fun. Go well

I wasn't quite sure about this game at first, but I have to say... I really enjoyed it! Great job! Some things throughout the app, I'm like okay, but overall good game! Keep them coming! Worth it!

I really enjoyed this game, I would say it's on the easy- medium side. I only had to use a few clues. It was very fun and enjoyable wish it was longer. The ads didn't bother me. I will say though one thing that I wish was changed. When you leave a room it restarts you back at the living room. It would be nice if just took you to the previous room. Overall a wonderful game Works great

Really enjoyed this game only modification would be that when you watch a hint it remembers it so you don't have to keep going back and watching the same game advert every time. Otherwise great fun thanks Highly Recommend.

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