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The graphics are beautiful! The reasons I chose to play this game was because of the beautiful pictures of the furniture and that there are cats in it! The game did not disappoint! Was shorter than expected but still very entertaining. Hints were very good. The ads are not intrusive at all. Thank you to the developers for a well made game! Brilliant

Lovely little game for cat lovers! Relaxing and not too difficult. Very enjoyable. And cute Great job

Wired game but quite nice. Really dislike the background music. Kept me wanting more love it

Really a cute game not 2 hard but a fun game 2 try! Took me an hr 2 run thro I'd say. I liked the end game best where u find the kittens ♡_♡ Omg

Very fun, not too difficult, but challenging. Good hints and I didn't have to buy anything to get through it! Recommended.. Great job

Fun game, cute cats. Needed hints a few times. There are several issues with translation into English but nothing that inhibits game play. Perfect

Overall a purrfect game; game a bit difficult only in the aspect of not being familiar w/this particular dev's games yet; finished game w/o hints; no pop-up ads; DO make sure to use SAVE button otherwise you'll have to restart the game if you don't/can't finish the game in one sitting Just wow

Very nice graphics. Puzzles made sense. Very cute, especially the extra game of finding the kittens. The whole cat theme is interesting but it works. Not bad

Great Game 4 Cat People! Perfect difficulty! Adorable cats! Great, solvable puzzles! U couldn't ask 4 more! Well done!!

Lovely game and when you think it's all ready over there is still some suprise at the end Go well

Similar to the Palace in England app, but less labour-intensive. Yes, ♬ The Cats Came Back ♪ (as the song almost goes), but they're not quite so involved or amusing. [Please look out elsewhere for a brilliantly funny, award-winning cartoon version of that song from Canada.] Here, the puzzles are mostly straightforward with '1 touch' solutions, but the game's free, and there's a neat outdoor mini-quest at the end. Italian cats are helpful, considerate, polite, deferential, and - What? CATS? Surely not! In ancient Rome cats would demand to be citizens whilst dogs would beg to be slaves! Dogs are loyal, servile, helpful, status-sensitive pack members; cats are like people - born free to please themselves. (Needy humans resent that independence.) Revered in ancient Egypt for their 'catitude'; persecuted and slaughtered in Europe's superstitious, Church-dominated Middle Ages for being... ah, cats... Clearly, these well-mannered moggies are tourists from Japan. Miaow? Hai! Well done!!

I enjoyed it, but as there were two missions, I expected more at the end of the second one :) The graphics are not great, but the controls are good enough. Thanks, I will now look for a longer escape game Cool

I really like the game except I have been having many issues with it freezing up when watching a video. So therefore I have to close the app and reopen it. When I reopen the app it keeps starting at the beginning. I shouldn't have to constantly save my game manually when I should be able to select and use my Google play account as my option to save my progress. Would you please look into this and add this feature to the app and fix the other I mentioned above. I will be happy to give the app a five when these issues are taken care of. So I will be uninstalling it for now. 5 star

I liked this game, however the controls were a bit difficult. You had to touch several times to go back. Good

I really enjoyed it. I needed a couple of hints. It's different and cute. It makes sense, you can put the clues together. Not bad

I liked that it wasn't a dark, scary mystery like most escape games. There were some tricky parts but free hints for watching an ad. 5 star

This escape game is a lot of fun. Not too hard but you can use hints if you get stuck. Once you finish the escape game you have to find several kittens for the Mama cat. I definitely recommend it! Must have

Nice game. Frustrating that you have to do it in a specific order but a good game with cute cat Just wow

This is a weird game, and i love weird. The narrative is subtle and silly, the puzzles were standard escape fare (just difficult enough for me that i needed a hint a couple times), and the graphics were easy to discern even on a smaller phone like mine. My only disappointment was that there were two "acts" and i guess i expected more--it seemed to end abruptly. However, i would absolutely play more games from this team set in different cities with inexplicably high cat populations. Marvelous

I liked the game pretty much. Some of the hints weren't too helpful, since I knew what to do, but not where. Recommend

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