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I've Been Searching Forever For A Equalizer That I Can Actually Be Happy And Satisfied With!! My Search Ended 2Day!! Good

It's great, and it does the job well. But it doesn't seem to work with apple music that well. Perfect

Not working with any music app except gogle music player. Not working with streaming apps. Superb!

Con la actualizacion de Apple Music, 06/03 el ecualizador FX PRO a dejado de funcionar por favor arreglen esta APP qué estaba buenisima. Flawless

It works as advertised but a feature should be considered. The ability to set custom profiles for different devices like when earphones are attached via the headphone jack and a different profile for Bluetooth devices. Perfect!

A very nice and handy app, specially if you love using headphones while listening to music. That loudness enhancer and bass boost is just magic to my ears! :) Must have

Well so far so good,;! IV got earponez an A BluetoothSpeaker an since this has an equallizer onit you can actually make everything sound way better thn the EarPonz'BluTothSpekr on its own!!! Plus Iv got the ProVersion an there's more on it so CheckItOut ForUrSelvs!!!!! TrustMe U'll End Up Glad that you got it ; It's WorthIt!!!! Amazing!

I got that app during a free period. It's a good easy to use equaliser with a bunch of presets when you want to just play music not tweak it manually. 5 star

Don't have dolby atmos for my phone , but this one is a great alternative for it. Cool

This EQ app is very good, and i hope for YouTube supporting in the future release, but drain battery Highly Recommend.

Wow! I'm blown away with the difference this app makes! I had another equalizer installed so I disabled it to try this app. Then I re-enabled it just to compare the sound but there was clearly no comparison to Equalizer FX Pro! Uninstalling my old equalizer for good. Thank you so much! Marvelous

Хорошие приложение которое качественно работает . Есть одна просьба , можете добавить больше частот в эквалайзер , сейчас эквалайзер ограничен максимальной частотой в 14kHz. Что мешает добавить 16 и 18 ? Я понимаю что 20kHz это уже извращение но я думаю найдутся и такие , собственно почему бы инет , как говорится для успокоения души ) Go well

Please make for AndroidTV version. I cant install the Pro version in my Mi Box 3. Great job

The bass boost feature is neat, but it has a distracting hiss and isn't as good as Poweramp's equalizer. Works as intended though. If the static could be fixed it would be an easy five stars. Perfect

Good simple eq that works across my different apps on my pixel 2 and Chromecast. So happy with it I decided to pay. Not bad

I have tried a lot of EQ apps and many of the Sound Mods and each time I find myself back to using this app. It has been a steady rock in my collection and look forward to using this for a very long time. A little advise, stop chasing and trying every other app, this is well worth the little investment and you will enjoy it. That being said what I would like to see is a little more precise control on the EQ adjustments, maybe a + on top and a - on the bottom to be easier to adjust each band by single digits. Awesome

This is one of the few global phone eqs that doesn't muddy up the sound when as you put the sliders up. I use all the effects with a moderate amount of equalization and the result is simply FANTASTIC! The key here is that this app acts as a pretty amp making the your music MUCH Louder and thus making it possible to get more sound out of your earphones no root needed! Thank you so much devs. From the bottom of my heart! Omg

This one of the only global phone eqs that doesn't muddy up the sound when as you turn the up. I put all the effects all the way up and the result is simply FANTASTIC! Thank you so much devs. From the bottom of my heart! Cool

This is hands down the best EQ app for Google Play Music. This being said, as an audio nut, I would REALLY like to see 13 bands of equalization(that's what my Eclipse CD8443 in my car has plus other fun stuff)because it would be an outstanding app that would set an Android standard for sure. This app coupled with my V20 with it's onboard DAC and my CMOS headphone amp playing through my go to Plugged Inc Crowns is something to behold. It's is a very good app that could be great. Surprisingly

Works with I think all of the apps. Quality is really good and many customisation options. Highly Recommend.

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