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Overall I love the game. I would give it 5 stars, but I am also getting the extreme loading times. I have been unable to even collect my login bonus today as it sits on the spinning load icon until I close and reopen the app, and when that doesn't happen, the bonus screen simply freezes altogether. If this gets fixed, I will update to 5 stars. Go well

Honestly I feel boring playing this game after more than 5 months. Gameplay is repetitive, doing same task everyday. Awesome

I got some problem. My account level remain the same and gain exp normally but my characters level is back to level 1 when I log in again. Please fix it. Just wow

Keep getting stuck in dungeon. I'll complete the dungeon, but completion screen fails to show. Game literally just sits there Amazing!

It's a really good game and I love playing it, but now it won't save any of my stuff anymore and won't let me play any of the dungeons. It keeps saying that there is an unknown error 10202 and unknown error 40401. I don't know how to fix this. Please help me fix this problem. wow lol

I was able to play for about 30 minutes. Got to chapter 2. But now all i get is unknown error 10202 on every server. Works great

So i was playing as normal, then the game got stuck. Now i can not get into the game at all. I keep getting error code: error_auth_api_getrequesttoken. Can you please help fix this? Enjoy it!

Love the game but now getting a 10202 error upon logging in. Already uninstalled and reinstalled but still same error message. Great job

Edit: update error fixed, thanks guys. Maybe try adding more characters instead of cpstumes? Fabulous!

Rated 3 stars because app was updated but I can't update because it won't show me the update button so can't play anymore. Perfect!

The game is really good. Graphics. Characters. The lvling up mechanics.. and also the devs are quick to respond. This game is cool! Great job

Where's the update? At the day where you can have zenia -_- let's be honest and fair love it

Too little updates on game and no exciting events to get long time players motivated to stay.. I've been playing since and have enjoyed the game up to the point that everything became boring already.. Need new heroes + this game highly favors fire elements Must have

Can't update the new version of the game. This just say open please fix this asap. Thank you wow lol

Poor Connection To Server, always like this since I decided to play Enneas again after 1 year blank. Please Fix this ASAP Worth a go!

It's a good game an all but I would advise fixing the plundering system so that a person cannot plunder the same person repeatly. Go well

So far so good and addictive , nice graphics, and fun story. I'm totally addicted right now Pretty good

I only play the game for 1 week and I'm enjoying it. I'm a VIP 3 without even loading this is so amazing just recently reach Team 22. The daily quest can be finish within less an hour and that can save your time doing reality in our world. But the game is lacking some featured. Like I want to scroll by swiping the screen rather than pressing the arrow button. I accidentally hit the home button 100x now because of that. And I notice the daily quest is not reasonable to complete because of the guild raid.. Can't find a guild with a raid system and the penalty of 1day before u can join again another guild is not reasonable because of the lack of information given when you want to join a guild. Awakening also part of the daily quest is not reasonable as of now I only have 8 champs and in just one day I upgrade 2-3 of them because I hate seeing that ! so I upgrade and dont wait for another day. The game also lacking information of the dungeon like Descent dungeon yeah that is a free key but I access that part without meat so I purchase meat that time inorder to play that dungeon. I rather use diamonds in gold lottery than meat. Its been 5 months I playing this game and reaxh a good spot at the arena im noticing people who beat me but after I rematch them I beat them and their power is less than 8k I dunno how but maybe theres a cheat for boosting attack like others game... anyways I want improvement on getting gold.. I cant even max my equipments you need millions of million to do so and the 10hrs oftwisted dont give you good money at all at least balance it. Works great

It is very disappointing, too much fire power if you get what i mean. I suggest they must adjust bulpae's buff it is very obvious that there is bias. Go well

Nice game but it was not found in Iphone. Considering having the game in iphone? Works perfectly

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