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I actually loved the game, but rated it this way Because I have already paid for the full version of the game, but after updating it, it's asking me again to pay for it, please fix this! Brilliant

Short but nice I get it to play a game like this yoy should pay for it. Only 10 minutes worth of playing though? Must have

Fun game. Part 2 is better! Found a few bugs but not a big deal. Some of the hidden object scenes were not illustrated very clearly so some of the objects were impossible to find without help because you can't tell what some of the objects are. But all in all, a really fun game!! Enjoy it!

REMINDES ME OF THE PAST I had this game wwwaaayyy back then which was four years ago.I'm turning 10 but now I'm 9.Brings back so many good memorys. Marvelous

Are you listening to the comments? I was made to buy this again but now several things don't work. Such as the puzzle in the chapel freezes when you try to place them the pieces. Hidden objects won't release so I couldn't finish the game. I downloaded it on my Kindle Fire; same problem! love it

Problem I've just started playing this game, and bought the paid version. My question is, I don't see any 'unconscious man' infront of the chapel. What did I miss? I've checked the Strategy Guide and I'm supposed to see it in front of the chapel. Help?

Game froze Paid for game was enjoying until game became stuck on a hidden object screen. Won't register when tapping on the 'onion' in the 2nd hidden object 'game' in the Cabin. Obviously it's game over as I cannot make anymore progress without completing the screen & getting the 'reward' (so I can get the jack handle, to get the car, etc...) Super frustrating especially when I paid to play?! Have written to customer support almost a week ago!? Would never download or pay for any game from this developer again (unless they do decide to respond/fix problem soon & then MAYBE?!) I don't like to throw my $ away & don't need the frustration!! Lesson learned, READ REVIEWS before SPENDING $$!! Update** if your stuck on hidden odject game just zoom in & you can 'collect' the item. Would've been nice to know before I became totally frustrated w/it!!

Enigmatis Great game, wish you could travel through the map, a lot of backtracking, apart from that good, bit disappointed with the bonus game, very short.

It's ok I played enigmatis 2 which I really enjoyed. However this one is quite glitchy, puzzles freeze up, you have to tap on an item a few times before it responds. Also there's far too much going back and forth just to get a piece of one item. The map is quite big and awkward that you literally forget where anything is and where you need to go. Not a bad storyline, however the game could be a lot smoother.

Really good, but... The jigsaw puzzles you have to put together have a glitch. Once you pick up the piece and try to move it a second time, the pieces wont move and i had no choice but to skip them.Some of the HO weren't very clear pictures and without the zoom & help button, you won't find some things. Yet, this game has a cool storyline & mostly good graphics & easy controls for game play. Thanks, Big Fish! FINISHED

Pretty good, would appreciate more diversity Good gameplay, enjoyed the HOS. No morphing objects and the puzzles were a bit on the easy side, if I'm honest. Now, I enjoy Big fish games, been playing them for years, mostly the MCF edition. But if there's one thing I'd like them to do is give me the option of choosing skintones for my detective. I'm cool with it being a woman, but everyone you see the hand or any type of feature, it's always a white person and I'm not white. A little diversity would be extremely appreciated.

Good game but... Story is unoriginal. Every jigsaw puzzle froze, I had to wait for the option to skip the jigsaw puzzles. Also there's so much back and forth, here and there just to get one item.

Very entertaining Had a good amount of hidden object games I really got into solving the murder and I think I'm going to play it again.

Asking for payment again I paid for this all months ago and it is asking for payment again. Who do I contact to fix the problem?

Enigmatis It was cool! It kept me entertained! I liked that it was one game as a whole but also had puzzles, hidden object games, and could be challenging at times :) The only thing I didn't like was the "dark" theme/story line (demons, darkness, evil, etc.) Thank you game makers!!!

I loved it The game is great. But the parts that scared me I had to take a brake from. Still loved it.

why do i need to pay again? I have already paid for the game, now it asks me to pay again, I don't know what's going on? Could someone help me?

It's AWESOME! Just awesome no words can describe it simple esey great not to much space game and by the way I love you fish games since I was a kid

Loved it Galaxy Tab 4. It kicked me out of the game once but I went straight back in and had not trouble after that wow lol

Loved it! More games like this please... Had to reinstall it and it's asking me to pay again... Please fix Good

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