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Well I like this app bcoz it's very useful and I know some streets words slangs using in street language if you can you plz add those words to add ..thats must be very useful too love it

App contains limited words also adds are there on every click larhe malayalam words are difficult to see. Not bad

Exchanged 4 mobiles.. but this app is still on going on my library.. very helpful Well done!!

It helps me to study the Pronunciation and it is useful Wether there is no Internet Works great

This app is very helpful for transalate from english to malayalam I like this app Cool

I am a student I have to find out meanings of many words this dictionary is very helpful to me and my dear friends thankyou Worth it!

It's a most excellent app I have ever used. It never disappointed me at any point. Congrats to the designer. Recommend

this is the best dictionary app in malayalam. thank you dev. this one excels the govt.'s bhashamithram also. good job. keep going. Omg

This app is very usefull to know about the unknown words in english. And I give the excelent review about this app. :) Marvelous

Excellent app Mr syamu I hope new version update an I also recommended everyonce for this app use it an experiencing Fantastic

Very useful No limitations for this dictionary. Hey guys download this app and enjoy the ride through it love it

This App is very useful for an average user, no alternative is available for this one makes it more beautiful. Great!

I love this app...its very easy to use...its helped me a lot in some situations..... Thank u... Works great

I had been using this app for years now. It is simple yet elegant. Though i would suggest adding few features. 1. There should be an option to backup the history. If i change phone or update the app, the history is gone. 2. Would be nice to features like 'used in a sentence'. Also would be good if the user can tag an example sentence to meaning of a word. wow lol

Interface ഒന്നു കൂടെ നന്നാക്കി കൂടെ?? കൂടാതെ word കോമ്പിനേഷൻ ചിലത് വർക് ചെയ്യുന്നില്ല...syam ചേട്ടൻ ഒരു കിടിലം update കൊണ്ടുവരും എന്നു കരുതുന്നു..പിന്നെ ഇപ്പൊ most phone have atleat 1 gb you could stole some more Great job

Iam really appreciate the admin for provide great usefull dictionary to android users.Igot lots of words from this dictionary actually what should I need. Muito bom!

Dear syam.... I would like to appreciate u for making such an awesome app...I will rate it with 5000 stars if possible...i liked it very much......Very useful....Keep it up maaan..... Pretty good

I think its the best malyalam english dictnry app,becaus here have many facilities for finding bectour meaning of a english this app we can find all word meaning without data connection.and here also we can find the expantion of many famous short this app we can search all english words through speek,for this purpess the app have voice search option.this fecility is helps to avoid spelling problums. Through this app we can chek the carrect acurate prananciations of all will helps to iprove our pranance skill. Superb!

This is a good application. But there are some words to be inserted into the dictionary. When I am in search for a particular word sometimes it shows no results found. Marvelous

Dear sir it's a wonderful app for malayalis thanks for creating such a great app once again I thank you Fabulous!

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