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Enjoy using the app, although I feel the prediction function can improve also. A T9 trace function would make it the best keyboard out there Muito bom!

Please update English dictionary, there are thousands of words missing and its very inconvenient to use without new words. Amazing!

Just migrated phones and lost my highly customized dictionary for spell checker galaxy 7active to 8 active.... where is it ? How do I mive it ? 5 star

Amazing to have my T9 keyboard back!! Discovered holding down "123" button enables more keyboard settings. Definitely worth paying for this app Just wow

Its a good keyboard but the spellcheck, or what ever it is supposed to be is rubbish. Works great

T9 works well (great to finally have it again!) but it doesn't learn ANY words I regularly use and it's a real faff to go into settings and have to add words to the dictionary. Could there be a feature to add words whilst actually using the keyboard? For a purchased app, I'd hoped for a little more... Brilliant

got new tablet (samsung galaxy tab A) I no longer get the drop down with options for mis spelled words.used to underline just spelled words & offer suggestions for correct spelling Surprisingly

Ever since I started to use this keyboard had to Agree from this one too The Perfect Keyboard is the best 2 keyboards you could possibly use and could never go wrong Worth a go!

The best keyboard in the world! I like the 3 x 4 keypad and multiple characters for languages, absolutely awesome, a must - install. Works perfectly

Been using this for years and wouldn't change it for anything!! I downloaded this specifically for the T9 feature. Only thing I do not like is that the "touch to fix" feature does not work... if you can help with this that would be great, if not no big deal... still a 5* app!!! Highly recommended!! Good

Seems to be a great apparently but lacking swipe. The swipe to backspace etc is nice but doesn't make up for lack of regular word swiping Worth a go!

I cannot function without this app paired with my Smart Keyboard app. I HAVE to have my T9 and big keyboard. I LOVE this app! Fantastic

I wish alternative character preview was on long press only. It's annoying having these little popups every time I press a key, it's just visual noise. Good

Hello I have just done a whole factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone....I have re-installed all the apps etc etc....But when I re-installed this Smart Keyboard.....I could not find anywhere in my phone? Why is this happening now? I have my phone set to "Show ALL apps" This Application for this Smart Keyboard should also be showing in my downloaded Apps....But it is not!! Please fix this issue as soon as possible please & thankyou..What exactly do you mean by REVERTED? MERRY CHRISTMAS Brilliant

Word dictionary changed -fixed Very fast response to the issue below. Well done, changed my score accordingly. - Word dictionary changed, I use T9 layout. Now when I type 'it', it's defaulting to GT. What have you done? I've been using this for years and never had a problem. love it

New update partially fixed 2.0 Thanks for the quick update and reply back. I've changed the score on the review from earlier as the update has sorted out most of the predictive errors but it's still showing us with some. I'm finding them out as I go along 5 star

CHANGED REVIEW IN 2 DAYS NEW REVIEW- The response time from posting a negative review is lightning fast. And they totally addressed my issue, and fixed my problem. I DEFINITELY WILL BE PURCHASING THE SMART KEYBOARD. OLD REVIEW- If I could purchase the version before this update, I would. This new update changed every 2-3 letter word. Ruined my texting experience. Recommend

Tried and tested Great keyboard I always come back to forever trying to find better but never do I paid for the pro been using it for years as I just can't stand or use QWERTY keypads with my fingers too old school if I could please make a suggestion could we please make the emojis better by instead of trawling thru pages it would be better if you could scroll down instead of going from page one to page 28 etc ie dare I say it swiftkey but great work dev Must have

English for smart keyboard One thingz for has the T9 keyboard.T9 users as u know its scarce now.should take advantage Cool

Best keyboard! This is the best keyboard available on the android play store. I have been using it for more than 2years now.. Amazing is the word! I wish I could give them 6/5.. I would just request one single thing to the developers that please have the swype feature in this application! Sometimes I feel like using swype so I shift to swype, but I come back to this keyboard in less than an hour.. plz if possible check out swype feature. Being a paid app, it should have that feature also! Rest all Is Amazingg!!! Go well

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