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Works great on all my android devices- this app is a lifesaver. One quick fix to never see ugly android emojis again Great job

You will be updated emoji ios 11 and Please solve the problem of state flags because they are not operational by application, please reply Worth a go!

Decent app, the only reason I rooted my phone but the lack of updates is disappointing. If anyone's looking for iOS 11.1 emojis, y'all can flash a magisk module Superb!

If you're having problems with the app just switch emojis then uninstall like I did. The emojis stay :) Enjoy it!

Release an update please! When you receive empty boxes, the app doesn't make sense anymore Works great

Works great, I am using this app 2 years now and I love it, but... Recently I got new Oreo 8.0 upgrade on OnePlus 3, and iOS 10.2 are bugged, some emojies are covering each other or even being cut on some parts (both bugs are not appearing with iOS 10). And please, new iOS emojies would be great, Oreo 8.0 brought so many new emojies, I hate to see those X's in emoji lists Recommend

GIVE US iOS 11.1 EMOJIS 5 star

It's awesome. It works easily, but can you install ios 11 emoji in this because I'm waiting for your new updates !!!..... Perfect

I would give it a good rating from my prospective .. I know what it does and it's great but it won't let me get into the app for some reason :( If I could get it to work thst would be great so yea sorry but it doesn't work for me... :( Works perfectly

Nice app, works perfectly. But some packages are not up to date, as the Twitter one. New generation emoji as Surprisingly

iOS 11 emojis coming soon? please i would really like to know when they are coming to the app so i can get them lol wow lol

I am sure you are working on it but try and get the newer iOS 11.1 emojis Works perfectly

[Edited] I tried the emoji smiley app but it doesn't show the emoji on iOS10.2 but in Google keyboard, it does but still there are blank boxes emojis. Worth a go!

The app is great! Helped me get IOS emojis, I love them! Please update the app so we can have the newer IOS emojis (IOS 11 I think) Keep up with the great work! Must have

please include ios 11 emojis & facebook messenger and Android o emojis.. it's a humble request.. btw emoji switcher app is fantastic.. i'm in love with this❤ Great job

Awesome app. Its working Its remove my old and boring emoji from my phone And install new emoji Great!

It's been working great until I tried opening the app just recently, it doesn't open... Just hangs force long time and crashes... What's up with that?? Worth it!

Had this for almost a year and blank boxes are showing up (colored emoji) and I'm not getting all the emojis on my keyboard....keeps forecolsing on me also please fix. Perfect!

Nice My emoji is broken and i install this app and all my Emojis anre Restored and I cam change into Nougat and IOS..... But cam you make an update that supports Oreo many people will love it Awesome

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