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Notification comes about new feeds but on opening the app, I m unable to find any new update r feeds. . Plz help Sumer sir, Deeksha ma'am. . Enjoy it!

Its pretty good app..thank u a lot to dr sumer sir & his team...whenever i took class of dams i just search & follow them( teachers & any boss to whom i met in class).... Must have

Please keep fixing.. As of now its gng fine except all mop up vedios are not shown, cant find either Perfect

Thanks for giving speed option, please add option to find mopup ns adjust quality Worth it!

Pls add option to adjust video quality , one hour takes almost one gb of data , can't watch even a single video properly because of that Enjoy it!

There is no new update still the app is not opening it's saying you are using an older version, update it from playstore Must have

Sometimes the app asks to Update even when there are no updates available... Please clear the bug... Thanks @Damsteam Works perfectly

Please install a feature so that the videos can be watched at 2x speed, it'll be very helpful. love it

Sir could you please add forward\backward speed option in video options as it was easy to access.It was there before the update. Great effort by dams team like always Worth it!

Why so many updates?? And above all the app doesnt work without updating. Horrible! Muito bom!

Its good but kindly add forward option and quality change bcoz it consumes all data in half of lecture Omg

Really appreciate the initiative and the fine tuning on such frequent basis just would love to have video speed setting or skip 10 seconds option ! Enjoy it!

Something went wrong previously PSM mop ups was available, now i got notification of live videos but on opening th displays SOMETHING WENT WRONG wow lol

Thank q Sumer sethi sir.... keep updating the app to make it more and more better.. :) Must have

I still can't login through any platform niether facebook,registered user id.With dams id it possible now.Please fix this. Fantastic

all right.... working it is. but some images are out mobile screen. Is there idea to access it on pc or laptop ? Works great

The mop-up sessions are very helpful ...It would be highly appreciated if there was an option to play the videos at a faster speed . Pls try to put some option to play videos as 1.2 and 1.5X....It will be really time saving . Perfect!

Something went wrong..sir pls fix the problem..its becoming an important issues with this app. Every pages r just blank after updating Must have

Sir, you got a very nice concept but only difficulty is unable to follow the post, if you ppl can make us follow the post like Facebook does then it will be of great help Muito bom!

App isn't working after the new update. Feeds aren't loading and the menu also isn't working. Please fix it Must have

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