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Wonderful email app. Everything about the app is absolutely wonderful, EXCEPT when forwarding mail to several contacts, you have to add them one at a time. It needs to be set up so you can add numerous contacts from your contact list and then hit send. Well worth the download though. Great!

Overall app is great! By fat the best user face available. Have noticed a bit of lag when replying to emails (Gmail account) and would love if the email labels were shown in the notifications! These two fixes would make it a 5 star app Fantastic

I Found Out Very Useful And Essential For My Phone. The Most Wonderful Thing About This App Is That It Doesn't Force You To Login Through Your Google Account Enjoy it!

I need couple of things from a mobile email client. Speed, exchange account without locking out the phone with external admin, quick reply text based on email context like gmail, easy to add accounts and everything else is icing on the cake. This app has all the features that I expect from an email client. Great job

It's a great email client but iOS version is way better. In general, UI looks cleaner on iOS version with icons on bottom of the screen. Lack of fingerprint support in this version is a big fail too. Are there any plans to incluide at least fingerprint support??? Marvelous

The app was fantastic until it stopped sending emails. Every email I try to send ends up in the outbox and will not send to its intended recipient. I have tried sending emails directly from my email account and it works fine. What's the point of an email app that doesn't send emails? love it

I love the ease of deleting messages and unsubscribing. However, the unsubscribe doesn't always work. I tend to get error messages. I do wish I could set a default email box to open to, instead of it always opening to all email. Otherwise, a great app! Just wow

Well I used to have this app for my Samsung Galaxy and everything worked great. But since I switched to the Google pixel 2 I have not been able to send any emails from my phone. I have tried using WiFi and data and nothing works I even did the speed tests and it shows my at 13mb connection. So far that has been my biggest issues and it really a pain because I don't have a computer to use and I have to go to town to send an email. Otherwise this app works great. Please fix this Fabulous!

It does it's job, but why does it push it's own archive feature instead of allowing me to move email to my own folders from the home screen. Instead you have to move each email individually. 5 star

I've been enjoying this app but lately there have been a lot of outgoing emails that aren't actually sent. It's really annoying because these are urgent emails and I think I've sent them only to find out a few days later that nothing has sent. Not sure what's going on but definitely needs a fix! Good

Tried many and so far the easiest to use with NO annoying ads. Great and reliable app...FINALLY.. the Gmail Google app with its billions of users still doesn't work or push notifications ...very sad...try this app and I guarantee you will be as pleased as I am Perfect!

I previously had a negative review about this app becausw it would sign me out every other day.. I personally do not use auto update because of all the useless apps they have forcefully installed on your phone now a days.. And that turned out to be what was signing me out.. App wasn't updated. Other than that the email has worked as expected. Thanks Muito bom!

Great app. Been using it for some time. Only issue I have is Push notifications for a hotmail account is not working. I received Push notifications for a Gmail account though? Edit: Works fine now. Had to reinstall it. How odd Marvelous

Nice functionality, but no dark mode is a showstopper for those who work in dark environments a lot. (Edit: will see how long I can take the glaring white based on the author's word). Muito bom!

This a great app for those who are looking to shed the large and intrusive email Giants we have become accustomed to. One thing I will say the app is missing is the ability to send do a distro list or group from my contacts. It can only send to individual contacts that I add to the email. In a Gmail I would type To: Co-works (a group I've added email addresses to) and all 7 or 8 of the email addresses would show up without adding them individually. Otherwise great email app love how simple and clean it is. This small feature addition would have me removing Gmail/Inbox from my device completely. Thanks again! Great application! wow lol

Excellent app, really easy to add and manage multiple email accounts from different providers. It's particularly easy to unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists. Search is lightning fast and you can turn off conversation view. Fantastic

I have tried about 5 other email apps in the last 3 weeks and this is the best, and I have settled down with it. I have been trying to keep my personal Gmail from my work email. The other apps I tried did not offer the simplicity and customizability this one has. I really love it. I would pay for it or donate to the dev if there's a way to do it. Brilliant

Perfect app! First email app I've used that allows all my emails in one app without any security issues. And best of all, I can now have my office mail on the go, not even the native Samsung email client or the OWA email client could let me do this... All in one click... Just email address and password... No complicated setup or configuration... NO Ads!!! Thanks so much to the developers... Perfect

Amazing. The best email app. Try getting a confirmation email about a flight to la, but you forgot to save it and now you have to check all emails to find that one obscure email. With this app it categorized a "flights folder" so I didn't have to do any looking. I just had to tap that tab. Very fast and secure as well. I just want this on my PC. Works perfectly

I used to have another email Handler but for some reason quit working on me and the push notifications were late but this one, on the other hand, is really accurate. Fast as Lightning and it really helps me with my business so thank you very much. Please keep up the good work! Well done!!

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