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Well it is one of the good apps in home workout category.. Others i installed allow you to categoriese the workout schedule for only some of the body parts but this allows and display you the workout for every individual part of the body.. totally loved it love it

I think if you are using this app first time then you will face some difficulties but after 2-3 weeks you will get a very good result Must have

Awesome I love how it has different categories of workouts and also it has warm up and stretching which most other apps do not provide Worth it!

I like the app is simple and intuitive. The only thing is that it doesn't have the option to share it with friends I had to come to Google store to share it to a friend. Add that simple things. Not bad

Great app.... It really helps... The stopwatch nd the routine.... Everything is amazing.... Loved it 5 star

Great App. Only thing missing is a definite number of sets and reps for each exercise. Worth a go!

Excellent exercise app. Simple to use with great info and exercise plans. Easy to track your workouts. Amazing!

What happened to the narrator? I need someone to tell me how many seconds left and what will be the next exercise. Now its only the clock im hearing. Superb!

Why does it say last 39 days . Is it free or do I have to pay in 30 days please tell me and let me know if I do because I don't know it says free Perfect

Muy buena aplicacion, no se necesita de mucho tiempo para ejercitarse y recargarse de energias, recomendada Works perfectly

New user I am a new user please help me chose the perfect workout I want to lose 5 kg and make a couple of muscle Superb!

Good app we get sweat in just 5 minutes while playing on this app the real #menApp Not bad

This app is very amazing, I made my own workout and I exercise everyday. The results are spectacular Fabulous!

Great app The workouts are great, I love being able to set alarms and create custom workouts. Only thing missing is it doesn't let you have an alarm go straight to a specific workout or pin a workout to my phone's home screen. Must have

Clarification needed CM security is telling me that this app is a Trojan and is suggesting me to uninstall it. Should I be worried???? And please provide answers in English so that it can be understood by users worldwide. Highly Recommend.

SIMPLY THE BEST! Simple instructions, user-friendly and cool routines. Would be great to have more tho! Flawless

it is alot like others. has same tools available as other apps like alarms and custom settings. but for me it falls short no linking capabilities could be over looked however the cals burned on average can't. Fantastic

Fitness Keeps me fit so I am very happy, also it's cool to customize your work out plan. Keep it up!!!!!! wow lol

Not everything is animated... some features are still lacking compare to other apps. Fabulous!

Superb app As far as concerned for me gym was an dream and also to look like an well build body.. But after using this app even not regularly i have made quite enough phyisic.. Happy for it.. Good luck developers.. Keep doing on..! 5 star

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