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The idea of the game is great and it could be really addictive, but I think that there's a few bugs that need to be fixed so the game can reach a big success, for example there's a problem when you open the game while it's already open.. Must have

It's awsome The game ever in the world Pretty good

Very nice simple game love it

Free Palestine Cool game Marvelous

Addicting game Some times the crash happens slightly before the actual wall touch Fabulous!

Wow So addicting can't stop playing Flawless

Addictive Simple and addictive.. This game is amazing Brilliant

Super addictive ! Recommend

Great game Loveee it Amazing!

Best game ever... Muito bom!

Simple enough KISS , Keep it simple stupid I adore it and I am addicted Works perfectly

It is anoying so much that it became an addiction ... love to hate it :D Awesome

Nice game Really nice game even I gave up fast lol Perfect!

Great fun Addictive and challenging .. Perfect

Super nice and addictive Omg

Nice !! Just wow

Super nice I like it alot. Go well

egghead Fantastic

Nice game I love playing Not bad

great game I couldn't download it because I dont have enough storage but I played ig and its good keep up the good work:)

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