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Wayne Andrews a very effective tool for determining safety of foods by identifying bad additives. Awesome

Great Its amazing cause I'm burning calories n this says whether its healthy u should try it xx

Great Idea. Poor implementation I like this thing, could be better if would work. I had used with many classical store things and nothing was in data base. I dont know if this is only for US use, but here in EU you cant find nothing. SUCKS. In the name of the spirit and the good intention, will rate as a 3 star, only because there is a good intention behind. Pls let us know when this great idea would work Keep it up BR

Ahhh! Edibly! You have so much potential to make this app an even better app, but as of now it's just an, "okay" app. Firstly, if the product is not identified, it states to take a picture of the ingredients? Correct? That is the utmost biggest flaw. It doesn't read the ingredients, I'm left having no identification of the good or bad ingredients within the food product. Secondly, you could maybe add descriptions of how particular ingredients affect the body? That'd be neat, just an idea though. (: Good luck!

To much pain for the gain... Doesn't understand the barcodes I tried and scanning the ingredients was only partially successful.

So handy when buying food from supermarket I simply luv it,helpful,but you could add in more details Hope you will add in more food to the list

Better than nothing This isn't a phenomenal app by any means. The information on each ingredient is a sparse description and score without any link to more information or even any ability to copy anything to the clipboard. I've also had absolutely no success with the "take a photo of the ingredient list" feature, and I dislike that it requires the Barcode Scanner app as a crutch. Alas, I still keep Edibly on my phone because I haven't found anything better, and the alternative would seem to be looking up individual ingredients one at a time by hand. It's a very quick (but superficial) overview of ingredients' healthfulness... by some standard which isn't fully disclosed to us. Once again, better than nothing.

Very cool! Always thought I shopped healthy. Guess not! Big thanks for this valuable tool. Keep up the good work.

Awesome idea! Good way to find out what all those chemistry terms in the ingredient list mean. Great job me!

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