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Add alphas The game is the best but needs the alpha mimic. PLEASE ADD ALPHA MIMIC. Also please add different scenes and places when fighting and please make this game more based on the movie. Also please make the characters be able to go on their quest to kill the Omega Omg

Has a lot of potential. Hope this game gets developed more Good game but has few bugs. Cannot share on FB to get Rita, hence can't advance the game. The game keeps trying to share with FB but finally gives up with an error. Also after you pick up an ammo pack, the ammo icon disappears, however walking over the invisible ammo pack gives you unlimited ammo. Especially helpful for the gun which when upgraded has a capacity of 600. Each pass over the invisible ammo pack gives you 150 bullets. Devs Pls can you make the icons visible at least. Just wow

Gritty. That's just the word for it. Although I would've definitely rated better if I could unlock Rita. The game has got some bug- I couldn't​ unlock Rita even after agreeing to share the screenshot. I did login to FB though. Only that, despite doing so, I was lead into a loop of constantly reloading the login page with no actual results. Frustrating, that's what it is. Omg

Good little game Nice & simple to play, but needs a force reload button of some sort. & you can't unlock the women, just glitches out which sux as this game has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work guys Fantastic

LOVE THIS GAME BUT... Great game except I can only play if my data is off. It keeps trying to link with fb & can't for some reason. It ends up in constant loop of: game menu-loading screen-fb loading-game menu over & over. Only way to exit this is to turn off data & reboot. Hence can't unlock Rita. The furtherest I can go is past is 2nd cut to video then to end of chapter. The game starts back at beginning every game.No save or load point. Hints say New level each day but doesn't happen. Shame. Could be gr8! Pls fix bugs asap!!! Fantastic

Tough but fun It's a fun game to play but I have some glitches, I can't unlock Rita and when I sign in with Facebook the game completely goes nuts and chants load between Facebook and the game keeps switching back and forth if these problems can be fixed I would give 5 stars all the way? Recommend

Game is Great, just like movie. Everything about the game is addictive. One thing "I am not be able to share screenshot on Facebook, it's just keep refreshing again and again. I just want to move to next level but that isn't possible without sharing screenshot on Facebook according to Gameplay... Please Fix or suggest. I will rate 5 star and will all my friends also(They are also waiting for solution) Fabulous!

2nd hardest game ever! Edge of tommorow is a fun game but... it is the 2nd Hardest game i have played. Ahead of this is the castlevania symphony of the night title. For some reason i only found it hard for the playstation vita. Other than how hard edge of tommorow the game is its addicting and fun! Please make easier. Thank you! Muito bom!

devs pls make some saving mode, its not easy to play again and again from d start. i finished the mission 1, the problem is i cant able to unlock the girl char coz i cant even share it to fb page. always loading and cant able to cancel it. 5 stars for d graphics and gameplay. saving mode pls. tnx.. fix the crashing mode. haha. Works great

Force closes Game loads fine and once you select the player you watch the movie scene as the starts but sadly it force closes it's self.. was looking forward to this and I hope in near future there will be a fix. (Galaxy s3/s4) Great job

very good indeed good Graphics And Gameplay. Though When i played i was like wow those graphics tho And Also Pls Add more Characters Ive Unlocked All so Pls Add more Character Thank you very much delevopers. Not bad

BUG Actually it's a good game. With nice gameplay and best graphic. But i there's a bug in facebook login. After a logged in my facebook account in this game, it always asks me to re login. Please fix this. Asus zenfone 2 deluxe Worth a go!

Unable to unlock Rita Vrataski Game play is awesome n its running smoothly on my Redmi Note 3... but, unable to unlock Rita... It Shows Sharing a screenshot will unlock Rita but nkthing happens. And even i cant able to take it to future levels.... pls tell me how to unlock RITA or move forward with RITA Great job

Awesome, but.... I love the game and graphics and stuff, but it needs more. More levels/locations, weapons, and characters. And it takes a long time to load the graphics. PLEASE UPDATE! Otherwise it's great Cool

Edge of tomorrow Best game I've played in a long while. I haven't found nothing wrong so far, but I have only just started to play this game. I'd give it 5 stars if I could control my own firing. I just hope the game is as good later on love it

Could improve Great game, but its way too short. I would recommend addig more "levels" or at least multiplayer. Also, my character stops every time i try to turn my character, so its a constant hassle when a mimic is behind you. Superb!

Fb problems It's a great game.. it's fun and it makes me feel like I'm in the movie. Only problem is every time I try to unlock Rita it just loads and swaps screens then says there was a problem sharing with fb. Also when I log into fb it won't even let me play it anymore. Please fix Good

Excellent but too short!! Love the game but I can't believe that it's only one stage!! I now started to enjoy the game and cleared the stage then realized that was it, really disappointed with that. Will give five stars if game gets more stages and a storyline is created Worth it!

Useful gameplay and perfect atmosphere Play this in two hours after watching this film - excellent supporting game. Thanks to developers that after death I don't need to play all game from beginning )) But after exit game - I should (( there is no savings in game. Work fast and stable on Moto G. Amazing!

Samsung Neo Duos Its really fun I like the whole game and its concept but as I finished the level there no upgraded weapon same location you play same enemies. But thanks anyway. Not bad

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