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I love this app because it makes it easy to post auctions from mobile. Use it all the time to check my auctions, search for items, and view my watch lists. However recently my notifications haven't been working and it doesn't alert me with sound. Amazing!

Thank you so much for going back to the white background!!! So much better than the impossible black background!! It's a great app, easy to use and simple to set up searches etc. Please don't change it again!! Fabulous!

Really liking the new dark theme. Great for OLED & legibility. It needs some work as there are areas such as reviews which are very low contrast and difficult to read. Also my notifications came up completely blank other than their icons. Options dropdowns are also borked. General usability-wise, it's now about as good as it was about 4 years ago before the big update ruined it. love it

The new black and blue theme looks terrible and you can't read all the text from your listings. Very frustrating and it's nearly rendering the app redundant as I have to keep logging in via Surprisingly

Don't use too often but never had an issue when I did. Won plenty of bits over the past. Never noticed any slow response when putting in a bid as I always leave to the last few seconds to bid. Works a charm! Works great

Hey there, i cant add the phone number how ever i try it always say invalid phone number i have tried every type of format while entering but the error is always the same.... kindly fix the issue Brilliant

The bid notifications don't always work. The previous search doesn't clear after searching, so you need to manually delete the previous search to search again. Tends to be annoying. Also, when listing the first number when typing the price doesn't work. I need to tap the button twice before the number shows. Omg

If I shop online I check out eBay first. I had an issue with a buyer not paying for an item I shipped to him. eBay took care of my payment within minutes. They care about their customers and that is very important to me. I gladly give a 5 star rating. Awesome

When I enter to purshased items does not let me see only recent items. When i tap on an item does not show suggestions. Another thing, when I tap to se seller items does not appear anything for every seller. This is on a galaxy s8 edge. Must have

I like the app especially for listing items on the go but I hate the notifications for items that are for sale if I wanted to buy them I'd look for them myself and if it's warning me about items I've looked at before I probably already bought them so why keep offering me more? Works perfectly

The new blk/blue colours are awful.go bk to old colour or give option to choose.will avoid using app on my fone now til changed. Superb!

I use ebay few years and this my first choice but this application this few things wrong like, way the blue bar on the top don't go off after searching to vew more items on the phone screen when scroll down? before was to go off and i was able to view more items on small screen. Highly Recommend.

Keeps crashing when looking at saved items. Saved items take forever to load up. Has to reload new items in saved list every time after going back from looking at one. Good

Having read quite a few comments from users, it appears they don't like the new format! I haven't had any problems with it...yet!! Enjoy it!

For improvements you should put some instruction some were saying what to do in case the item don't fit and you want your money back included the postage Go well

Good for buying, looking to try selling soon. Just be careful and stick to legit five star sellers. Still a lot of scammers, ebay should weed out. Omg

Search works very bad. Try search "Protexin pro-fibre for dogs". In browser version two pages of results received, but 0 (zero) results in application! Fantastic

I've used this app for years. I buy exclusively on eBay, skip even looking on Amazon because it's just a bunch of dropshippers. EBay is amazing because you get quality authentic items here. Much more so than the dropshippers on Amazon and my opinion. If you're an Amazon Shopper I would consider looking on eBay 1st. Sometimes I find items $20 $30 and $40 cheaper on eBay. Perfect

Easy to use and find products. Better than the website. Love the auctions. Found a fringe skirt from Express that i had missed buying when it was released in 2015. I was elated to find it in my size and an great discount. Now i keep searching ebay for discounted clothes and accessories from past seasons and not once have i been disappointed. Perfect!

This app is good and all but... why when I go into the saved collection EVERYTHING starts flashing. Plus I only have two items saved and it seems like both of them copy pasted itself infinitely into my saved, it just keeps going and never stops, no matter how far I scroll down. Perfect!

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