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All the needed items are available for me to purchase on this full body application. It has items to compare to the ones I chose and gives the buyer of seller the opportunity to compare before final decision making to purchase. It is also fast and clear in descriptions of step by step stages one as a buyer goes thru during a purchase. Flawless

I use eBay all the time for everything, but the eBay app really needs some updating to compare to the likes of the Amazon app. Please add the ability to see entire purchase history, not just the last 60 days. What's the point in the app if I have to go into my phone browser and request the desktop site to view that info. I rarely use my computer so it's a hindrance this still hasn't been added. Works perfectly

Why is it that every time there is an update to any app there are loads of people saying it's rubbish, totally broken, doesn't work at all. I've just updated, looks pretty much the same. I'm sure there are differences but they are not easy to spot. 5 star

Why when I type in something it automatically goes into the category? Half of the time what I'm looking for isn't in the category it automatically picks. Stop that if I want to go into that category I'll do so my self. Brilliant

You're getting complacent. You need to upgrade you app. Too many things to mention. You were no1. Now you've got alot of competition. Amazon is running rings around you for marketing. Pull your socks up ebay. Go well

I would love more features catering to sellers when it comes to listing items. There are many options excluded on the app such as 'add note', etc. As a buyer, I have found it rather easy and very quick. Less than seconds is usually how long it takes for me to place an order. Good

Good day, well set out app. Doesn't take long to find what you need. Not sure about the compare question, will have to investigate some more. Amazing!

Totally broken since update. Black text, black background. Genius. Hey let's release an app without even looking at it. Great job. Great!

Superior selection of merchandise, great quality & deals, money back guarantee, excellent service, easy to use, deal with & meet incredible people, overall it's the best online shopping app there is by far! EXCEPTIONAL ALL-AROUND, CAN'T BEAT IT & YOU CAN'T WRONG SHOPPING HERE!! EXTRAORDINARY!!! DEFINITELY WOULDN'T USE ANY OTHER SITE!!! love it

July 2016 update. They have made several good adjustments since the new platform update from 2015. This months updat seems alright beside constant dots next to followed searches giving the impression there r new listings but there are none. Need to fix that bug. Updating from 1 star to...... Pretty good

Awesome just needs a dark theme please add. Update says fix of night themes but I don't see anywhere in the app doing with themes. Cool

Quick and easy to use .Allows you to buy things at a much reasonable price. Also access to products you wouldn't be able to purchase in shops easily. Great for bulk buying too. Superb!

Long time user. Regular buyer and seller. Can't fault. Original and still the best Perfect!

The app is ok... I'd rather use the website... Honestly it's the crazy charges that makes eBay just ok... What gets me even more disappointed is not only does eBay charge so does PayPal..... That's what gets me. I honestly hate using eBay and PayPal. I can't complain to much. Because what am I going to do. It's not only eBay too it's also all those people that are just no good people that just add up more to the stress. It's all ok tho. I'm just going to say it's all ok. Go well

want to know how to change price from usd to aed so will b easy for me to search thank u Muito bom!

Almost all the time tracking works as expected. Several times have had the delivery notifications "get stuck" and repeatedly come in, for each separate item ordered, making tons of noise, and I'm unable to stop the notifications. They eventually stop after weeks of noise. Some things don't update at all, so tracking becomes useless. Overall, tracking works most of the time wow lol

The new black background is a mistake. It is harder for people with vision problems to see text on a black background. It isn't aesthetically pleasing either. The white background looked cleaner. I'm less likely to use the app now. Can you include the option to change it to a white background please? Works perfectly

Better than the last update, but still not as easy to use as the old one. Too many "sponsored" items in saved searches, and the "feed" is a total waste of bandwith. Saved searches are completely jacked if you're a serious regular user; seems to be no way to filter a search for new listings only. Worth a go!

1. As a seller I was surprised at first but then at ease when asked for personal info I found it pretty cool that PayPal locks your account from future business. It's also fun to be able to sell more than 25 items in under 2 months Omg

Its ok so far. I just wish ebay stop letting buyers taking advantage for the buyers protected service. Too many money lost over something the buyer did. Granted the sellers at fault too sometimes. But its unfair for people to do business on there. Other than that. Good app Well done!!

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