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Overall offers a simple way to search and look and shop, but can be frustrating if you're on the hunt for something a bit harder to find.. search results often end abruptly or an accidental bump of the "back" button can lose your place during a search and you have to start all over.. which can be frustrating when a search result achieves too many results. Works great

Please fix the photo upload. Many people are upset that they can only load 1 pic at a time when listing. Use to be we could upload all at one time. PLEASE FIX THIS now. We have been asking and calling for a 3 weeks....thank you so much. 5 star


I think I can find anything in the world that I could possibly ever want or need for amazing prices and it's just fun! I absolutely love it on there but I have a severe shopping addiction and eBay is making it worse because I love it on there so much! But I love the app it makes everything so much easier and keeps you notified it's a great app I give it 5 stars! Just wow

Easy to use. My only complaint is I can't shut off notification emails. So it sends me a notification on my cell phone, in the app, and via email. Every time a bid I'm watching is close to ending I get like 6notifications. My phone goes crazy and I can't do anything for a little bit. It would be better if U could choose how your notified and when. Fabulous!

I used to use eBay to browse through certain categories. with the new update, you need to know exactly what you're looking for (I.e. You have to go through all the sub categories rather than just browsing a category in general) Marvelous

Please give me the option to turn OFF the "bid" alerts! They are awful! Also... Please! Please! Extend the purchase history beyond 60 days. Many items roll off BEFORE est delivery date. Other than that... EBay app rocks! Great!

New update only allows one photo upload at a time on Android. 4 stars to 2 stars. Perfect

It's a good App and good service but downgraded to 3 stars because of the constant barrage of emails! Too many emails everyday! Please let's be sensible. For your information, this is having the opposite effect on me ie I just delete them and often shop elsewhere. Please take note. Not bad

Explain to me just why ebay think it's a good idea to automatically apply 'best offer' to the 'Buy it now' items I am trying to sell - if they don't sell quickly. I have set my prices. It's really annoying and time-consuming to keep having to remove 'Best Offer' from each item. I will probably have to stop doing 'Buy it Now' to avoid the hassle. Omg

Since the last upgrade, the app has turned black, rendering it unusable. Despite thousands of complaints, Ebay have ignored this issue, losing thousands of customers in the process. Fix it ebay, or lose more customers. Simpler not to use it, go to Amazon instead. Great!

InstaIl "UNOPAY" App to Start Earningz.. Ref: (VERA) I Never Knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! UNOPAY App is Iegit which allows earning points just by doing simple tasks like watch videos, advertisements and so on. Then you can exchange your points for for PATYM/PYAPAI/AMZN and there're various options to choose. Also TOYOCASH App is perfect app for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn't want to his time, you can use either while working,studying.. simply earning points by watching videos advertisements. Works great

Update: giving 5 stars. The developer got right back to me on this issue. Apparently there was issues with things not showing up when there were sales promotions so they are working on it. Great support! I have been using this app for sometime and suddenly I am unable to see all of my active items. Then today there are none showing. I hope they see this and. Can tell me what is wrong since apparently I am not the only one with this issue. Highly Recommend.

I buy all the time from eBay And I always find way better deals on here than Amazon. They will have the same items on here for free shipping but yet Amazon will charge for shipping unless you're a prime member which you still have to pay for you don't have to pay for anything like that through eBay which is awesome Must have

This app is excellent if you are a buyer, terrible if you are a seller. They always overcharge me whenever I sell. They charged me $70 twice and I'm pretty pissed, when I called they didn't do anything about it. To be fair, buying stuff from eBay is always excellent Highly Recommend.

I believe it would be very beneficial to buyers if we were able to write more information when we write a feedback. I basically get enough characters to write "product came on time. As described. A+ seller. Not many characters left if you wanna describe why you DIDNT like a product. More information leads to more satisfied customers as we base our purchases off feedback... Not just reviews( which sometimes also can't fully be trusted) just a suggestion Recommend

Since the start of smart phones, ebay has been one of my most valuable online store as well as it's user-friendly app! Update: Read descriptions well, and all will fall into place. EBay has continued to be phenomenal! Works great

I have been using this app for sometime and suddenly I am unable to see all of my active items. Then today there are none showing. I hope they see this and. Can tell me what is wrong since apparently I am not the only one with this issue. Amazing!

I originally wrote this a couple of years ago and someone fixed it. Now it's back again. Blues against most searches, looks as if someone has changed the rule from new since last update to new since the search was created. Another update and the problem is back again. Blue dots against most searches, returns all items matching the search rather than just the new items. Amazing!

Recent updates have broken saved searches and I no longer see newly listed auctions since I last visited the saved search. Now I get everything listed every time I click the saved search. Also, now pictures are HUGE and the scroll bar is gone. Can we have a option for large or small pictures so I can save data? I would also like the scroll bar back so I know when I'm reaching the end of the list. Must have

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