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Works great never have any issues! But what happened to the new way of adding listings? I am in the testing program & the new version was awesome but then you took it away! Please bring it back! Adding photos at one time in the app was so easy! The old way is horrible! Thanks eBay!!! Keep up the good work!! Perfect

***Finally you fixed it. Amazing it took a month but thank you, It is now usable once more *** Sorry. Your app Devs broke it. You can't see the characters as you type in login, you can't see the filter names on search until you randomly stab at a blank area. It's broken. Really broken. Just revert it back and admit it needs more testing as it's just not usable at this time. 5 star

The app is pretty good but it doesn't let me log in with the fingerprint. Once I touch the sensor, it loads for a while then says "We ran into a problem, please try again later", which is different from the incorrect password message. Good

As a seller, it's annoying. Says "Bid Recieved" constantly but doesn't tell you which item. Half the time the bids have already been notified previously. Cannot combine post or manage invoicing either. Amazing!

I love ebay bcos its one of the first ecommerce apps that has influenced the way ppl buy things. There are no boundaries as ppl from any country can buy or sell stuff as long as they have a reliable parcel service. Posting reviews both positive & negative helps sellers & buyers, discourages dishonest ppl from taking advantage. One of the best apps ever !!! Works great

It's OK, I think the fees are to high for small time sellers about 14% goes to eBay and paypal so it's hard to make money with all the fees they charge hope someone makes a app just like eBay but for small time sellers with less fees Flawless

Guys something went wrong, with this app.after update Android oreo, on samsung s8+,its look like on night mode.let me have email,to send pictures.please fix it. Great!

Does the job. I just wished I could delete items in groups or move items in groups rather than one at a time. Even the website is like that. But overall pretty good. Perfect!

I've used this app for years and I will continue to it's easy to use and great prices on the stuff I need with the ease of delivary times Marvelous

Great app with lots of good things to buy also! Works well easy menu's and controls also. Updates were nice too thanks so mooch! Muito bom!

Continues to have a dark theme and can barely read the menu or auctions. Please fix Great job

Would be lost without this app! Nice way to quickly monitor bidding and selling items, without using my laptop, or home pc, but the 10% charges are far too high in my opinion! Recommend

Thanks EBAY l found everything l need you save me time and money because you have very good prices and deals lm so happy to be a part of ebay. :) Awesome

I live in a small town in Alaska, can't get a lot of the speciality items I need. So I use this app nearly every day and save thousands of dollars every year! Fantastic

To dear eBay, what I miss from ebay is that the former app or some years ago when you search for something that (the similar item search) was there because it is practically good that you could see or items there from the similar items that I miss therefore I just give 3 star rating instant of 5 star Go well

Ebay lets me find and buy the items i am looking for, the people that i have bought from have been honest and friendly. If ya are looking for a hard to find item check ebay ya are most likely to find it. Worth a go!

As an avid eBay buyer and seller for the since 2010 I have to say, this app has been much easier and faster to navigate than the website and the search features have greatly improved over the past few years. Almost all my eBay shopping, and researching for selling, is done on this app. The selling part has come along way too although I do end up finishing on the desktop site because it is lacking some features. If these two main features could be fixed for selling on eBay, the experience would be much better. 1) A way to upload multiple pictures at a time, like on the desktop 2) Ability to use templates for the description 3) Advanced editing options for the description Overall this app is great :) These features would make selling soooo much easier to list on the app though. Worth a go!

"New app takes forever to load. Might as well turn on my laptop when i get home... it still wouldnt of loaded by then. Plus the new layout sucks. Please bring the old one back"... Loads better since my previous comment! Amazing!

Good app but they need to add more options for notifications. Getting a notification that an item is ending in 15 minutes is fine but I should be able to add kne for the 5 or 1 minute mark. Too many times I've forgotten to go back in the last minute and missed out on an auction. Fantastic

This app is excellent for buying. However, selling can be annoying at times. I recommend shipping cost update alerts to avoid having to pay extra for shipping. I also recommend making it so the page doesn't start over as you're scrolling through the list of your items and editing them. Other than that, it is easy to use and a great way to get rid of your old stuff. Fabulous!

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